A Cujo remake might be pissing on our legs soon thanks to Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc.

The original movie hit theaters in 1983 and starred the lovely Dee Wallace as a mother who is traveling with her son when her car breaks down and a rabid St. Bernard attacks trapping mother and son in the stranded car on a hot, sunny day, with little help for rescue.

Cujo remakeThe book it is based on is one of Stephen King’s darkest, a deeply disturbing story of claustrophobic terror. There are so many dark things in this tale, from the fact that Cujo was a friendly, playful dog that was turned into a vicious killing machine after a rabid bat bites him. The ending is also one of King’s darkest as the mother is saved, but her son dies of heat exhaustion after the ordeal.

There might not be another Stephen King story this dark.

Thankfully for movie audiences, the original movie changed the ending because you can’t end a movie with an innocent little kid dying. However, we are now in 2013, so anything is possible.

Well, Sunn Classsic Pictures plans on making this Cujo remake, or at least trying. Check out their sales pitch video below.

Source: Dread Central