New stories, old stories, oh – so many stories.  Are you keeping up with Vegas?  If you are not, you should be!

The Breakdown

When last week’s episode ended, Dixon jumped in the car with Yvonne (the sheriff’s office clerk) to head to L.A.  Yvonne was fulfilling her dream with auditions as a singer while Dixon was in search of Violet – he wanted to get her back after she left for a film role.

Sheriff Lamb, Jack, and Katherine continued their quest to take down Vincent Savino by listening to the phone tap tapes. 

Vegas Hollywood EndingEnter Convict Eddie Bade recently released from prison.  This is someone that D.A. Reynolds sent to prison years ago. Katherine became worried he might try to take revenge on Reynolds.  Reynolds used this to his advantage when he was forced to be the “skim source” for Savino by piling money into his car to transport to Chicago.  He faked his kidnapping by Bade in order to get out from under Savino’s operation. 

Unfortunately for Reynolds, Savino saw through the façade that Reynolds set up.  When Savino tracked down Bade, Bade claimed to know nothing about kidnapping Reynolds.  Savino still keeping the ploy going asked Reynolds to shoot his kidnapper.  When Reynolds turned the gun on Savino instead and the gun was empty, it was clear to Savino that Reynolds had set him up.  As they said back then, “the jig was up”.

In the meantime, Dixon tried his best to spend “quality time” with Violet in L.A.  They were invited to one of Barry Silver’s parties (Violet’s boyfriend/boss).  With Dixon and Violet hid out in a cabana, Yvonne sang her heart out at the party gaining her an audition with Silver for a new musical.

Vegas Hollywood EndingAt the “audition”, Silver had more on his mind with Yvonne than singing and when she resisted his advances Silver got violent.  Smacking Yvonne around sent her running from his office and ready to head home to Vegas.

In the midst of all this chaos a woman showed up at the Savoy claiming to be Mia’s mother, who was supposedly dead.  After Savino bedded the woman, (Rita) Mia struggled to decide if this woman was really her mother and how to handle it if she was.

While Sheriff Lamb, Jack and Katherine tried to figure out what happened to Reynolds they heard the tapes from the tap that Jack put on Savino’s phone.  They soon learned that Reynolds was taken care of…the Savino way.

Meanwhile, Yvonne was packing to head home when Dixon caught a glimpse of her bruises.  After finding out it was Silver who put the hurt on her, Dixon took matters into his own hands.  He caught Silver at home and beat him up – real good.

The Analysis

Vegas Hollywood EndingThis was another great Vegas episode.  Dixon – Violet – Yvonne in L.A.  Sheriff Lamb – Jack – Katherine – Reynolds – Savino closer to uncovering the skim operation.  Mia – Rita (Mia’s mother) bringing another element to the show.  There were stories within stories within stories.  I love the intertwining of everything and am anxious to see how the story with Mia’s mother turns out.  I have a feeling there is a lot more to that story on the way.

We can look forward to more with Dixon’s love for Violet causing problems…Sheriff Lamb and Jack’s appetite for taking down Savino getting better…Mia’s new story with her mother bringing new entertainment.  I think there is a lot to come on Vegas!  You better catch up if you haven’t and stay tuned if you have – I know I will – this show is getting really good!