Since the very first episode I watched of Sons of Anarchy, I knew that one day we would eventually see Charlie Hunnam — who plays Jax Teller — having a strong presence on the big screen. Now, things are looking brighter than ever for the British star who is appearing in this Summer’s sci-fi throw-down Pacific Rim. Word has it, not only is the actor up for one major DC comic film, but in fact two major properties.

CHUD reports that a specific industry source indicated Jax himself is being utilized as inspiration for early conceptual art for The Flash. They further added that this doesn’t mean the actor is officially on board. As CHUD says, the studio is possibly “high on the actor right now and are having the artists use his likeness to help sell him on this idea.” Also, if they have a strong name in place before the release of Man of Steel, it could build enthusiasm for the Justice League film.

Charlie HunnamHere is where it gets stranger. CHUD also says it’s very likely that Charlie Hunnam will play Constantine in Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark UniverseThis is based on the growing relationship the two gentlemen currently have. Pacific Rim hasn’t hit the cinema yet and Charlie has already landed the lead role for Del Toro’s Crimson Peak. So it is reasonable to assume Del Toro is considering him. After all, he is blonde and British.

The possibility of Hunnam taking on both roles for the next couple of years is highly unlikely. So, if I had to give a vote on which character he should run with, then I say Hellblazer all the way. I think Hunnam would chew the role up of Constantine. Given the prospering relationship between him and Del Toro, this appears to have a greater chance of happening anyway.

What do you think? Would you rather see Charlie Hunnam play John Constantine or The Flash?

Source: CHUD