Other characters play bigger parts in this week’s episode of Bates Motel “Trust Me.”  Dylan, Bradley and Deputy Shelby each spend time bonding with Norman while Shelby gets even closer to Norma.  Who trusts who?  That remains to be seen.

The Breakdown

Bates Motel Trust MeAs last week’s episode concluded, Norman was in Deputy Shelby’s house searching for the belt belonging to Keith Summers.  What was not shown last week was the perspective of Dylan who happened to see Norman determinedly walking down the street.  Dylan followed Norman to the deputy’s home and when he saw the deputy return he immediately tried to help Norman by knocking at the door to get the deputy’s attention.  With that, Norman was able to escape from the basement and away from the girl who was crying for his help.

The next day Norma and Deputy Shelby had an intimate date in one of the motel rooms.  When they left the room they ran into Dylan who was relaxing outside.  When Shelby and Dylan were introduced, nothing was said about their brief encounter the night before, but the smile on Shelby’s face let Dylan know that he was not intimidated.

Bates Motel Trust MeNorman told his mother about what he saw in Deputy Shelby’s basement beginning with the book that he found in the motel room.  As he told his mother about the sex slave ring and the girl being held captive in the deputy’s basement, his mother seemed hesitant to him.  Norma then told Norman that sometimes he “sees things that aren’t there” which upset Norman who stormed off.

Deputy Shelby took Norman fishing in an attempt to get closer, but the trip ended abruptly as the deputy was called away.  Norman soon ended up at the ice cream shop after an invitation from Bradley who was still grieving over the loss of her father who did not survive the burning incident.

Bates Motel Trust MeNorman then found out that the hand of Keith Summers was found by a local fishing crew.  He panicked as he told his mother but they were interrupted by Deputy Shelby at the door sent to take Norma to the police station for questioning.

Convinced that Summers’ death was Norma’s doing, Sheriff Romero told her that they found carpet fibers in Summers’ watch that could match those removed from the motel by her and Norman. Norma kept her cool and appeared unaffected by the sheriff’s words.

Panicking once again, Norma and Norman then tried to track down the carpets with no luck.

Bates Motel Trust MeHis mother’s cries from the next room became too much for Norman.  As he escaped down the path from the house near the motel, he came upon his half-brother Dylan.  The two brothers shared a sip of whiskey which Norman could barely stomach.  Norman then told Dylan everything about Keith Summers, his murder and the cover-up.  He then finished with the girl he saw in Deputy Shelby’s basement.  Dylan seemed to want to help Norman.  He convinced Norman to visit his friend Bradley and Norman obliged ending up having an intimate evening with her.

While Norman was away, Dylan and Norma had a brief argument while Norma was searching for Norman.  There was then a knock at the door.  This time the police, led by Sheriff Romero, were there to arrest Norma for the murder of Keith Summers.

The Analysis

We are finding out more secrets about Norman each week.  To learn that he sometimes sees things that are not there makes the storyline more intriguing.  It strengthens our thoughts of Norman’s mental instability more and more.

Bates Motel Trust MeThe ending to this week’s episode was actually a surprise to me.  I did not expect Sheriff Romero to arrest Norma for the murder of Keith Summers quite yet.  I felt like they would do further investigation and possibly uncover additional secrets about the family along the way.  But, it ended with Norma’s arrest.  So now begins the real cover-up and makes me wonder who will support who when it comes down to it.

One thing I have noticed is that with every lull in the action the writers work in the creepy, close relationship between Norman and his mother.  Playing this into each week’s episode keeps reminding us of what helped to make Norman Bates a Psycho.