Do you love movies and enjoy writing? Do you want your voice and opinions to be read by thousands of people all over the world? Renegade Cinema might be the right fit for you. We are looking for fresh voices to give thoughts  and opinions on the latest in movie news and rumors. If you think you have what it takes to hang with the Renegades, you could be our next big contributor.

Renegade Cinema is looking for people to join our team and help us cover the world of movies and television like no one else on the Internet. We are not looking for people who just want to regurgitate the same news that every other site regurgitates. Instead, Renegade Cinema is looking for people to bring a unique spin to the news and current events that are happening in the world of movies and TV.

Write for Renegade Cinema

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Openings include writers for weekly columns:

  • Renegade Six Pack – this is a column that takes a current news event and creates a list styled article based on that event. Here is an example of the Renegade Six Pack.
  • Renegade Staff Picks – this is a weekly column where everyone on staff comes up with a pick on a specific topic. The writer of this column just needs to come up with the weekly topic and use the Facebook page to solicit one-paragraph submissions from all writers. Here is an example of the Renegade Staff Picks.
  • Weekly Comic Book Movie News Recap – This is a subheaded weekly feature where the writer will touch on all the comic book movie news from the week. Each news topic just needs to be a paragraph with a link to a news source.
  • Weekly Comic Book TV News Recap – Same as the movie recap but with the weekly comic book TV news recaps.
  • Weekly Horror Movie News Recap – Same as the comic book recaps, but with horror movie news.
  • We are also open to people pitching weekly columns based on a variety of topics. If you are passionate about it, I am interested in hearing what you want to write about.

Renegade Cinema is also looking for people to review theatrical releases, DVDs and TV shows. When the fall TV season kicks off in August-September, I would like people to write weekly recaps of all the comic book genre-based TV shows. Here is an example of a TV show recap.

Renegade Cinema is looking for people who are dedicated to putting in the effort to kick some butt for us. This isn’t a time-consuming position for aspiring writers, but we are looking for people who can write high quality and interesting articles.

Renegade Cinema is one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet and we are looking for people to help us grow even more. Previous writing experience is not a requirement because we believe some of the best writers out there have not gotten the chance to show it yet.

This is not a paid position at this time. However, there are possibilities for perks in the future, including opportunities to attend film festivals and conventions, as well as chances to receive free DVDs and books to review.

If you think that you are the right person for this opportunity, please send us an email at the link provided below and include a writing sample.

** Renegade Cinema is not looking for guest bloggers **

Contact Shawn S. Lealos at