Today, many sources were able to report on their recent set visit to Warner Bros.’ Justice Leauge movie and a funny thing happened … no one seemed to care.

Several things were confirmed by these reports including the fact that Warner Bros. has decided to take a lighter approach to the tone of their DC properties. Many of these reports described scenes that were being filmed as well as Justice League footage that was screened for members of the press.

Personally, I found the news to be an optimistic step in the right direction for the studio. After all the negative backlash that Batman V. Superman received, it was refreshing to hear and see the tidbits that were being confirmed by these Justice League set reports. The question I ask is whether it’s too late for this movie.

Peter Sciretta from Slash Film described footage of Batman and The Flash meeting for the very first time. When I read the footage description I honestly thought the writing on the Justice League movie might end up being fun. The one thing the DC Comics movies have been missing has always been that sense of fun, hope, and/or joy.

The problem the Justice League movie will face going forward is a constant comparison to Marvel. Anything that resembles something funny, humorous, or just has a mild sense of an uplifting story will always look as if Warner Bros. is just trying to copy the Marvel formula.

And that’s the sad part. I’m afraid at this point that audiences may have given up on anything related to the DC Universe. Even if Zack Snyder and company have learned from their mistakes, it might be a little too late for the correction. I was noticing this today after all the reports came out. No matter how enthusiastic the articles were about their Justice League set visit, readers and commenters were just not trusting what was being said.

Not that anybody can blame them. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice left such a bad taste with so many people that it might take a huge miracle of a motion picture to restore faith from the audience. Honestly, I’m not sure if Zack Snyder is enough to make such an event take place.

I personally did not like Batman v. Superman. I would rather see my heroes not be tortured and hate their jobs. I would personally like to see these heroes bring hope to audiences everywhere. I would love to see children inspired by Superman and Batman once again. You can still have heroes who are imperfect and not take it to such a dark place.

Even if it is too late, I hope the Justice League movie is good And if it does turn out good, I hope the audience will reward it for being a better film than the one we got in March. At this point, though, I’m not sure if Justice League can be saved, and that’s a hard pill to swallow as a fan of these characters.

Hopefully, we will see Justice League movie footage very soon and maybe have our faith will be restored. What do you think? Can Warner Bros. save Justice League?

[Image via Warner Bros.]