Out Of Time

Bonnie, who is slowly getting worse, visits Virginia St. John to find out what is in the vault. Virginia explains the last time the vault was opened was in 1882 by her great-grandfather. Whatever is inside the vault took away his compassion, empathy, and love. So if her sister is somehow still alive in there, then there is no way to know what became of her.

Enzo, Damon, and Stefan are traveling all over the country killing the vampires on Rayna’s list. Matt joins Stefan while Alaric and Caroline track down a couple.

Rayna and Bonnie are in a cabin, where Bonnie questions Rayna’s motives. Why is she willing to die to save someone she hardly knows? Rayna says immortality sucks, but their conversation stops once Bonnie realizes her magic has started working again which means the Armory is on their way to get her. Bonnie calls Damon and he knows things are bad when she says she forgives him. After she hangs up, she takes more of Rayna’s blood so the Armory won’t find her.

Matt Finds Out

Matt catches up with Stefan. He tells him the two best decisions of his life were kicking out vampires in Mystic Falls and proposing to Penny. This leads them to how Penny died. The official story is she died in a car accident, but Matt knows that isn’t the truth. And he knows Stefan was the only vampire in town that night. Stefan had returned to Mystic Falls to visit Liz Forbes’ grave on the anniversary of her death. Matt knows Stefan compelled him because he saw it on the dash cam. He presses for the truth so Stefan compels him to remember.

As Penny chased Stefan through the woods, Matt accidentally shot her. Even though he knows the truth he still blames Stefan for ruining their lives.

The Vault

Bonnie asks Enzo to come home so they can spend whatever time she has left with him. Damon tells Enzo to go, but he continues with their plan. He asks the Armory for help in exchange for Bonnie’s help opening the vault. As Enzo returns, Rayna comes in with visions of vampires dying. Damon’s plan is working.

The Armory kills all the vampires on Rayna’s list and then kidnaps Caroline and Alaric to force Bonnie to follow through on opening the vault. Alaric is happy to hang out at the Armory, a place filled with old artifacts.¬†Bonnie shows up and opens the vault. Damon tells Enzo that he made the call that Enzo couldn’t. She already hates him, but at least she will be alive.

Alex enters the vault and finds that her sister is dead and has been dead for four years. The vault starts killing the Armory’s men so Alex runs. But Bonnie is now sealing the vault¬†shut. She’s keeping her promise to Virginia.

Bonnie’s New Life
Rayna heads to her death while Enzo sits with Bonnie. Caroline confronts Alaric about things. She says Alaric is the one who isn’t fulfilled by their life and she saw that when she saw him get excited about their time being kidnapped. They both accept their lives aren’t normal, but she wants him by her side through it all.

Damon watches as Rayna prepares to die and she lets it slip that when she dies, Bonnie will take up her burden. When she wakes up she will hate vampires the same way Rayna does and she won’t be able to rest until all vampires are wiped out.

Shortly after, Bonnie wakes up.

[Photo by Bob Mahoney/The CW]