Back in 2009, Emma is looking for answers about her family. She meets a woman named Cleo Fox, who turns out to be a bounty hunter wanting to take her in for a warrant in Phoenix. Emma runs away, but Cleo is smart and has trapped her car. She takes her to a motel where she handcuffs her so she can shower, but Emma gets out. She takes some money and sees a photo of Tasha Winters. She notices a website with an interstate record finder and realizes she can use this to find her family. Emma promises if Cleo takes her to the courthouse she will go to Arizona.

At the courthouse, Emma is disappointed to find nothing about her family. She sneaks out in the middle of the night to go back to the courthouse, but Cleo finds her and stops her. She’s trying to stop Emma from being stuck wondering where she came from, but the police show up. Cleo helps Emma run, but Cleo got fatally cut from the glass when they left. Emma, who now feels guilty, tries to tell her about her daughter, and Cleo reveals she gave her daughter up years ago just like someone gave Emma up. A year later, Emma finds Tasha and gives her all the information she has on her mother so she doesn’t go through what Emma went through. Before she leaves, she buys her armor, the red leather jacket that she is always wearing.

Hades Deal

Emma has just found out that Regina has told Zelena to go after Hades. Hades shows up and asks them for help. When he went to meet Zelena, she wasn’t there because she had been kidnapped by Pan and Rumple. Rumple wants Hades to tear up the contract about his child. Hades will take their names off the tombstones if they help him get Zelena back.

Hades goes to Granny’s where Rumple shows up with Pan and Zelena. Hades tears up the contract and when Pan attempts to take Zelena’s heart, Emma saves him. Zelena is touched that Hades tore up the contract for her and they share a kiss. His heart starts beating again which means he can return to the land of the living. He says a portal will open to take them back to Storybrooke.

Hades takes their names off the tombstones as promised. But now Hook needs a heart as he is dead. Regina pulls Emma’s heart out and splits it, but it doesn’t work because Hook has been dead for too long. Hades tells them the story of Morpheus and Eurydice, the only two people who escaped the realm with the help of ambrosia. In order to get ambrosia, you need to go to the depths of hell and then pass a test. Only those who are worthy of ambrosia can take it and you have to offer up your heart.


Robins shows with his daughter and Regina convinces him to give Zelena the baby to take back through the portal because they are sisters and can trust each other now. Pan offers Rumple Pandora’s box in exchange for a heart so he can return to the living. Rumple shows up and takes Robin’s heart.

Henry helps people by writing out their unfinished business but is interrupted by Cruella who is upset about James being killed. She teamed up with the Blind Witch, who uses her magic to lock them in the library so they can’t leave. Regina’s magic doesn’t work and they realize they aren’t going to be allowed to leave.

Emma and Hook take the elevator ride and find a scale. Only a heart with true love can pass into the room where ambrosia is, and Emma has to weigh it. She does and ends up falling to the ground in pain while Hook catches fire. Emma chooses to save him which proves her true love, and the door opens. But the ambrosia is dead, someone cut it, and Hook realizes Hades doesn’t want them coming back to Storybrooke.

Leaving the Underworld

Hades and Zelena go through the portal. Zelena worries about Regina, but Hades promises that they’re going to follow. Emma is determined to find a way to save Hook, but he tells her it’s a lost cause and tells her to go. He is happy knowing Emma’s love for him is real and that is all that matters.

Pan is ready to go as well and he wants his heart. Rumple gives him it, but it is one from the River of Souls so Pan evaporates. He puts Belle in Pandora’s box and goes through the portal. Emma reunites with everyone and helps Regina open the doors while Henry leaves the storybook for people who want to find their happy endings. They make it through the portal just in time. Emma hesitates, not wanting to leave Hook, but David convinces her to go through the portal and she does.

[Photo by Jack Rowand/ABC]