Back when Regina was a child, Cora tried to shield Regina from her own magic. One day, Cora forgot the key to her drawer with her wand and Regina ended up spelled to sleep. Cora heads to Oz to find Zelena. Her father tells her magic is bad, but Cora freezes the guy and tells her she can convince her father magic is good by saving a young girl.

Regina and Zelena discovered they were sisters through the same wand box. When Zelena touches it because of its detailing, it slips right open, which can only mean they are related. They confront their mother and they are right.

Regina is thrilled about having her new-found sister to play with, but Cora insists Zelena has to go back to Oz or else she will ruin Cora’s plans to marry Regina off into royalty. Zelena is dragged away from her sister and both girls are poisoned into forgetting each other.


While David is out running errands, a sheriff’s car comes towards him in the street. It’s his twin brother, James, who knocks him out and decides to impersonate him. Although they look alike, James almost gets caught as soon as he talks to Emma. Emma has a picture of him and Snow and asks if he remembers the image. He says birthday photo, but it’s an anniversary photo. She forgives him because they have been through so many time jumps and curses.

Emma is still shocked to learn her dad isn’t her dad. James wants to steal the baby for leverage with Hades. Robin tries to shoot at James, but he’s already dead so they don’t really do anything.

James takes the group down to the River of Forgotten Souls. Just before he can hurt Emma, David rushes in to save the day. He offers a truce, but James ends up being thrown into the river.

Cora Reveals Everything

Hades and Zelena go for a drive. They have a romantic picnic by a fire pit and Hades gives her a proposal. He shows her the city of this Underworld he has built for her and says that what he really wants is to go with her to Storybrooke and become a real family while all the heroes (he put all their names on tombstones) are stuck in the Underworld forever. She doesn’t give an answer.

Regina knows exactly what Hades wants her sister to do and she is not happy about it. She tells Zelena that she can’t see him and when she won’t listen she decides it’s time to bring their mother back to talk some sense into Zelena.

Regina meets with Cora to discuss Zelena and Hades. Zelena seems to be falling for Hades, but Cora is sure he just wants her to give him true love’s kiss so he can leave the underworld. They go to the River of Forgetfulness to get some drops to give to Zelena so she will forget Hades ever existed.

Cora goes over to Zelena who isn’t happy to see her. Cora gets in and tries to sneak in a sip of the memory-erasing water after a tearful apology for leaving her in Oz, but Zelena doesn’t buy it and knows Regina is hiding in her house. She accuses them of never caring about her or wanting her. Cora says the blame belongs with her and her alone.

She takes their hands and restores their memories of playtime and sister-time. She leaves to let them sort this all out for themselves. She crosses the bridge and leaves having completed her unfinished business. Regina tells Zelena she trusts her to deal with Hades and that maybe she can change him.

Zelena heads to the diner with her sister’s blessing to make her date with Hades. She sees him through the window. Rumple shows up and is mad that she gave Belle the sleeping spell. Zelena doesn’t think she has done anything wrong and says they made a deal where he wouldn’t hurt her. He says he has found a loophole. He has called his father, Peter Pan, who kidnaps Zelena for him.