An Unlikely Pair

We finally get to see how Enzo and Bonnie got together. Three years ago Bonnie is at Whitmore and she throws a bunch of college memories into a box, including the letter Damon left her, only to find herself almost surrounded by Armory guards. Enzo manages to get her out of there and then syringes her.

Bonnie is ready to find the cure for the pills she was taking. Enzo convinces her to take Damon’s help. She agrees, but she doesn’t want him talking to her. They head to the a cabin in the woods that Enzo has been living in. Three years ago we see Bonnie waking up in the exact same cabin. She tries to kill Enzo with a fire poker and he tries not to kill her. They have to figure out why his cousin Alex is so interested in Bonnie. He tells her that all she has to do is take the pills and Alex won’t be able to find her.

Hit List

Back to now, Damon and Enzo visit Rayna who has been busy drawing images and symbols related to the vampires who were released. Damon offers to kill the vampires she sees in exchange for her last mortal life to be transferred to Bonnie. Rayna wants to make sure killing the Phoenix Stone Vampires will ease the madness in her head before making a deal with Damon and Enzo.

They get Bonnie and start to drive to Virginia to get the vampire Rayna sees in her visions. Using the clues she provides they are able to find the vampire and take him out.

Back more than a year ago Enzo surprises Bonnie with a New Year’s Eve celebration. He pulls Bonnie close to dancer, kisses her on the cheek and whispers happy new year before leaving to go back to his double life at the Armory.

Setting Things Right

Stefan decides to go set things right with Caroline. Alaric allows Stefan into the house, but tells him Caroline is out of town. They head to a bar and Alaric calls Stefan out. He should have showed up three years ago when Rayna was locked up. Why does he show up when they have built a new life together and a wedding is planned? Just as he is about to answer, Damon calls asking for help.

All across the states, the group is taking out vampires in different ways. The Armory becomes suspicious of the trail of bodies.

Alex tracks Enzo to a warehouse and she tells him she knows he is hiding Bonnie from her. She tells Enzo that her sister Virginia killed Lucy Bennett. Before Virginia killed Bonnie’s cousin, she made her seal the armory vault with their sister down there. Alex wants to get her sister out and only a Bennett witch can get her out. Something has kept her sister alive. Alex can hear her calling for help. If Enzo can convince Bonnie to help her, she will do everything she can to save Bonnie.

Enzo calls Bonnie and Damon to fill them in. Bonnie isn’t really up for helping Alex. We see a scab on her hand which means she only has a week left to live.

A year ago Bonnie is playing the guitar. She sees Enzo watching her and she tells him about Virginia and how she knew her cousin Lucy. She says Virginia is in a mental hospital and she is going to go undercover. Enzo and Bonnie share a kiss.

Enzo, Damon and Bonnie are still out hunting vampires. When Enzo grabs one guy to deliver a kill when the man yells for Enzo to stop, claiming he is Beau. Bonnie says to keep alive since he helped Caroline and the twins, but Damon kills him. Damon defends himself to Enzo. He says they have a list and he is following it. Enzo throws back at Damon how he doesn’t hide in a coffin waiting for other people to clean up messes. Damon says he shouldn’t have run away.

Alaric is helping kill vampires, but he isn’t interested in doing it full time anymore. There is no room for Stefan in Caroline’s life. He shares how Caroline used to go away and cry about Stefan, but she doesn’t anymore. They have the twins. Stefan throws back that he knows they sleep in separate rooms, but Alaric shuts him down. Alaric just wants to be worthy of Caroline. Stefan follows him back home to apologize and Caroline is there. She looks at Stefan, kisses Alaric on the cheek and then goes upstairs to the twins.

Enzo and Bonnie are in the cabin being cute together and Damon goes back to Rayna. The list has grown into a bunch of names and Rayna isn’t willing to give up easily.