When this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time begins, Ruby and Mulan are attempting to track Ruby’s pack through the woods and are caught off guard by Toto. Dorothy shows up and is not sure of Ruby since Toto is acting the way he does around witches. When Ruby tries to show Dorothy she’s trustworthy, Toto gets spooked and runs away right into Zelena. She will give her the dog if she gives her the slippers.

They are making a potion and realize they need poppies. Ruby and Dorothy go find them, but Dorothy is mad about Toto. She admits that when they first came to Oz, she told her family what happened and they tried to commit her. The only person who believed her was Auntie Em, who gave her Toto right before she died. Ruby tells her how her village ran her out when she didn’t have control over her wolf powers and how she accidentally killed her boyfriend. She ran away and learned to control herself, but was looking for her pack.

They find the poppies which are in Zelena’s territory. They bond over nicknames (Kansas for Dorothy and wolfie for Ruby), but are interrupted by flying monkeys. Ruby turns into a wolf so she and Dorothy can escape. When they get back Dorothy leaves.

Mulan recognizes what Ruby is feeling. Ruby says she feels something for Dorothy she has never felt before. She was looking for her pack, but maybe she was looking for her. Ruby thinks Dorothy doesn’t feel the same way, but Mulan encourages her to tell Dorothy. When she goes to get Dorothy he finds she has disappeared.

Once Upon a Time Ruby Slippers

Jack Rowand/ABC (Once Upon a Time)

Ruby’s Mission

After finding Ruby last week, the group is determined to figure out why she is there. She wakes up confused. She was looking for Dorothy so she used a tracking spell to find Zelena which led her here.

Hades shows up and warns Zelena about Ruby being here. Zelena panics and decides she needs to get out of here before everyone finds out why she is down here or else she will never see her daughter again. Hades says he will handle this. Zelena tries to take the slippers so she can go home, but Regina and the group stop her. Zelena apparently put her in a sleeping curse where only true love’s kiss can save her. Regina lectures Zelena and asks for the shoes which Zelena gives her.

But it turns out Dorothy doesn’t have a true love. Until Ruby remembers Auntie Em. She is upset until she remembers Auntie Em is dead. They visit the graveyard and find Emily Brown (Auntie Em) to confirm she is in the Underworld. Snow tells them they can bottle the kiss and then Ruby can use the slippers to get to Oz.

They find out that Cruella has ripped the phone out so they can’t talk to Neal and Snow breaks down. Emma thanks her parents for coming, but that it is time for them to go home. Until they remember Snow can’t go home because her name is on the tombstone, but David can. But David feels bad for leaving his wife. Hook convinces him that he should go back.

Once Upon a Time Ruby Slippers

Jack Rowand/ABC (Once Upon a Time)

True Love

They find Auntie Em and tell her about Dorothy and how she needs true love’s kiss to wake up. She takes the vial, but before she can do anything she turns to water due to Hades. He makes it clear if anyone helps them they will be turned to water.

Ruby doesn’t know how she will wake her friend without the kiss. Snow says she can do. She knows what Ruby is feeling, though Ruby admits she doesn’t think Dorothy shares the feeling. But Snow tells her that’s how love works. She is leaving her husband, but she knows she will see him soon so she is okay with it. Ruby gets the slippers and prepares to take David with her to Oz, but he shows them what he did. He had Hook remove Snow’s name from the headstone and he put his name down.

Ruby and Snow arrive in Oz where Mulan and the munchkins are looking over Dorothy. Ruby goes and kisses her and Dorothy wakes. She tells Ruby she left because she was afraid she’d lose her to Zelena, but Ruby came back. Henry lets the family know that Snow got back to Storybrooke okay.

Once Upon a Time Ruby Slippers

Jack Rowand/ABC (Once Upon a Time)

Sleeping Curse

Belle is still upset over what happened with Gaston and doesn’t want Rumple’s help figuring out what to do with the baby. She goes to Zelena who tells her how they sped up her pregnancy and Belle freaks out realizing that Hades can take the baby whenever he wants to. She goes to Rumple and tells him she is going to put herself to sleep with a sleeping spell to buy him more time to fix this. Rumple isn’t okay with this as he doesn’t know who can wake her with the kiss. She says her father can. Before she pricks her finger she asks him to make sure her father is there so he can wake her up.

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