Zelena and Hades Take Oz

Zelena is celebrating her birthday with a green cupcake while watching the memories of when her mother left her. But her day improves because the scarecrow is brought to her for her time travel spell. She needs his wisdom aka his brain, but before she can take it Dorothy shows up. She returned because she heard Zelena was alive and had taken over Oz.

Zelena visits the munchkins to find out who told Dorothy she was alive. Hades shows up and tells her he wants to help her. He knows she’s doing the time travel spell and needs the scarecrow for it, but Dorothy has the love of the people. But with his help they can find her. She rejects him, but when she gets home Hades is there. He gets her to admit she isn’t celebrating her birthday because she doesn’t know when it is. Hades bonds with her by sharing how much he hates his brother for getting everything he deserved.

Hades brings her to the house where Dorothy first landed and finds a bike that Zelena is dazzled by. The bike is useful because it belonged to Dorothy and therefore it will lead them right to her. But first they ride the bike together in an odd romantic moment.

Zelena finds Dorothy and the scarecrow and wastes no time ripping the brain right out of him. But she finds Hades gone. When she returns home, he has a complete dinner ready to celebrate her triumph. He has decided to stay with her, but she thinks he is taking advantage of her for the spell and Hades gets mad and leaves.

Portal For Love

Hades is looking at the storybook page of him and Zelena. Rumple is building a portal because while Hades can go through them he can’t bring people back alive. But if they combine their powers they can. He wants to go to Storybrooke to get Zelena’s baby and if Rumple helps he will consider ripping up the contract for Rumple’s child.

Belle is visiting the babies to feed them when Zelena shows up to try to take her baby, but before she can the portal opens and Belle jumps in with the baby to get away, but Zelena follows. They end up in Storybrooke just not where Hades wanted them and Zelena is injured and can’t use magic. Belle takes off with Zelena’s baby and goes to the library where she finds Rumple leaving Hades’ lair. He understands why the spell didn’t work properly because it had three people instead of two. Rumple comes clean to Belle telling her about the child contract, Belle being pregnant, and that he can fix it with power. Belle realizes he is still the Dark One.

Regulars In Hell

Snow and Charming have a little side story where they realize they have become regulars at hell and they miss their baby. The Blind Witch tells them there’s a phone booth where you can “haunt” whomever you want in the land of the living.

Emma and the group are interrupted by Zelena who is looking for her baby. Robin and Regina help her look for her child. They bicker and Regina says she used to think all she needed was vengeance, but then all her enemies became her friends and she realized she how much she had missed.

Robin, Zelena and Regina run into Belle and the baby. Robin lets Zelena feed the baby as long as she gives it back, but Zelena takes off with it instead. Zelena tries to keep her baby away, but realizes she can’t protect her so she gives the baby to them, telling them what happened with Hades years ago and how Hades needs the baby for a time travel spell.

Robin brings the baby back and decides to keep it nameless because of Hades. Henry shows up with another story about Charming and Snow and how Neal heard their voices through the phone. Snow decides they aren’t going to sit and wait anymore, they are going after Hades.

Face Off

Zelena comes face to face with Hades. She knows he wants her baby for the spell, but Hades says he just wanted the baby away from the heroes. He created this whole world to look like Storybrooke for her so she could have everything her sister had. He also tells her her real birthday and that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. But she still doesn’t trust him and now wants to get her baby back alone.