The Transfer

Stefan has to decide if he will transfer his scar to Damon and he decides on yes. When Rayna allows Damon to get the phone out of Stefan’s pocket, Damon loosens the ropes holding Stefan and Stefan escapes with Rayna’s sword. Damon knocks out Rayna, but not before she knocks him out.

Damon and Rayna wake up. She quickly changes Damon’s mind about everything which is pretty easy if you just mention Elena. if Damon does the transfer, then Damon’s life will be linked to Rayna’s and seeing as she is human she is going to die which means he won’t ever see Elena. So it’s clear Damon isn’t going to give up Elena for Stefan.

Nora has been trapped at the Armory all this time. Alex–Enzo’s family member–has been experimenting on Mary Lou by giving her pills filled with Rayna’s blood, Nora makes a deal because Rayna’s blood is poisonous to witches. In order to help Mary Lou, Nora agrees to find Enzo and return him to the Armory because they believe he’s the one who freed Rayna. Turns out they were wrong as Enzo catches up with Matt, who is the person who freed Rayna because Matt wants revenge on Stefan for Penny’s death.

Rayna is back on the road and calls Stefan to convince him to let Damon take the scar. When she was held in the Armory she would close her eyes and follow Stefan and she grew to like him. Stefan is running low on gas and he buys some time by leaving the sword behind for her to get. He is on his way to the hostage swap, where the Armory hopes to kidnap Rayna. Enzo gets to Nora and agrees to help her. He will return to Alex to get her the antidote for Mary Louise.┬áStefan is on his way and Rayna calls him, but it’s Matt and he says he won’t let Rayna back into her cell until Stefan’s in the cell.

Race to Save Stefan

Damon knocks out Valerie who came to save him and do the spell. In the car, Valerie tries to call Damon out for bing a horrible brother, but he throws back that she has been lying to Stefan because she knew about the transfer. She feels she was protecting Stefan because the spell can only be done to a blood relative which meant they would have to wake up Damon, and when Damon’s awake Stefan’s life gets messed up so Valerie chose to keep Stefan on the run. Damon says he was terrible until he met Elena and once he gets her back in his life he will be there for Stefan.

Stefan calls and asks about the transfer and Damon says he has a plan. Rayna shows up and Damon realizes he could lose his brother and he tells Valerie to do the spell. Rayna is over Stefan saying he won’t be happy until he lets Damon go. When his scar opened, he didn’t call Valerie or Caroline, he raced to Brooklyn to get Damon. Rayna stabs him sending him back to the Phoenix Stone.

Enzo and Nora find out there is no antidote which means Mary Lou is going to die. When Rayna throws her sword into the car during the hostage exchange she marks Nora so her and Mary Lou decide to go big. They combine their magic and explode the car destroying the Phoenix Stone. Rayna screams and we see what looks like Stefan. Damon holds Stefan’s body and promises to save┬áhim.