Rumple’s Deal

Milah and Rumple are arguing because Rumple isn’t what Milah wants him to. Baelfire finds a snake and gets bitten. They find Fendrake the Healer who tells them that the snake delivers a 24 hour poison, but there is a potion to cure him for 100 gold pieces. Milah has a plan for Rumple to just break in and steal it. She goes to the tavern and comes across Killian Jones, who wins her over by being brave and strong. He invites her to come with him, but she doesn’t want to leave her child. Rumple attempts to steal the potion, but gets caught. Fendrake makes a deal: he will give him the antidote in exchange for something. He gets back home with the potion and Milah is happy. Rumple made a promise to give him his second born child. They don’t have a second child so Rumple thinks he has won, but Milah is mad they sold away their future. Once Rumple is the Dark One he comes back for Fendrake. He says the contract is binding so Rumple kills him.

River of Lost Souls

Hook is still refusing to write any names and Hades is getting mad. He sends Hook down the River of Lost Souls.

Rumple goes to his shop and finds a note from his dad saying the shop is his and if he want to re-consider the offer about getting back to the living world to give him a call on the Pan whistle. Rumple makes a potion so he can see Belle, who seems to be okay back in Storybrooke.

He finds the group at the apartment and tells them how stupid their plan is to get Hook. He says him and Emma will go because Rumple can get living souls by Hades using a dead person’s aura. So he goes to find his ex-wife Milah. She is not happy to see him, but he tells her she can save the man she loves, Hook. She is hesitant to go with Rumple because she has a job leading kids to school as a crossing guard, but Rumple points out they are already dead.

Rumple introduces Milah to Emma, the woman who slept with and had a child with their son and is now dating her ex-lover. They head to Emma’s house and find the River of Lost Souls in her basement. Emma tells Milah how she had a vision of Neal while she was on her way here and he has peacefully crossed to the other side with no unfinished business. Milah offers to go with her to Hades after hearing this.

Let Love Rest

Regina goes looking for the Blind Witch, but finds Cruella instead and asks for help finding someone. She wants to know if a headstone in the cemetery means everyone is here, but Cruella says no. She has a map how to read the headstones. If it is tipped over, the soul has left, if it’s upright the person is still here. And if it’s cracked they are somewhere worse than Hades’ underworld. Regina goes to see Daniel and sees his headstone is tipped which means he had no unfinished business. She gets to say her goodbyes and move on.

Hades’ Move

Milah, Rumple and Emma get across the sea. Rumple stays with the boat and Milah stays to make sure Rumple doesn’t leave. Hook has been tied up over the river and is slowly being lowered down towards it. Emma crosses the bridge and saves him. Milah and Rumple talks about her unfinished business. She feels she shouldn’t have punished Bae because she hated Rumple. She just wants to see her son, forgive him and move on. Rumple tells her how Pan forgave him and that it will happen for her.

Hades shows up and offers Rumple a deal. He needs Rumple to sink the boat and then asks how much he wants to go home. When he returns, Rumple sinks the boat and Milah. Emma and Hook arrive and see the boat gone. They get back to the apartment, Hook is pissed at Rumple, but has forgiven him since he helped them escape Hades’.

Regina has learned that her magic has returned, so they can use Emma’s heart and do the heart split, but it doesn’t work. They go to the cemetery and see why: since Hook wouldn’t pick names Hades has and he picked Regina, Snow, and Emma.

Rumple’s Deal

In Underbrooke (courtesy of Regina for the name), Hades isn’t ready to send Rumple home yet. He has the crystal ball Rumple used and dropped earlier. It turns out that Rumple wanted to know where his son was and the ball showed him Belle because she is pregnant with his second child. Hades brings back Fendrake and even though he’s dead the contract isn’t null here. Fendrake has signed over the contract to Hades. And Hades wants Rumple to work for him because he has something only Rumple can do.