When I was going to the University of Oklahoma, I used to frequent the local Dollar Movie theater, Robinson Crossing 6, a lot. It was never the cleanest place and the price of popcorn and soda made those dollar tickets not so cheap in the end, but I saw a lot of movies there.

Robinson Crossing 6 is where I saw the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grindhouse, with the trailers in between and everything. That is where I saw Hot Fuzz, a movie that remains one of my all-time favorites. That is where I saw Pride and Prejudice, one of my wife’s all-time favorites. Go back further, and I saw Signs there, among many more.

Then, one day, Robinson Crossing 6 closed without a word, without notice, and without warning.

However, for movie fans in Norman who missed the dollar movies, Robinson Crossing 6 is back with the new and improved Evans Theatres.

I am back in Norman for two days and decided to stop in and give the theater a try again. I saw Hail Caesar and I was very impressed.

For one thing, forget what I said about the theater being dirty. It was very clean, and for people who used to go there, all the cinemas are now digital, so those damaged prints that used to show all the time are a thing of the past. The screens and picture looked great.

And remember those high snack bar prices? I spoke with the management at the theater and they said they want this to be a budget priced theater in every since of the word. Tickets are still cheap and Tuesday nights are still even cheaper. However, the snack bar has joined in on the act.

All the food is amazingly priced, unlike most theaters. Not only that, but they have discounts every day at the snack bar, including discounts on popcorn, sodas, hot dogs, and more. Evans Theatres will not break the bank if a family wants snacks.

There is more to it as well.

Evans Theatres are bringing back classic movies for fans. This week, The Iron Giant played once a day for kids. In the coming weeks, The Princess Bride, Beetlejuice, the Breakfast Club, Spaceballs, and more are playing at the theater. The manager told me that those are always the most popular movies showing, and for good reason.

Honestly, I am not in Norman anymore, and now that I see the new Evans Theatres at Robins Crossing 6, I have something else that I miss about not living here anymore.

However, if you do live in Norman, or a town around it, give Evans Theatres a try. If you are like me, and remember it from the past, give them another chance. They are miles improved on what they were in their final days a few years back and this is one of the best budget theaters I have ever attended.

Check out all the specials and the movies screening at the Evans Theatres website.