Road to New Orleans

Stefan has made his way to New Orleans where Valerie tells him about a place where magic can’t touch, St. James Infirmary. After he escapes Rayna at a store, he ends up in Klaus’s bar. Klaus and Stefan attempt to catch up and discuss Caroline when Stefan’s scar opens up. Klaus sees it and knows what it is. Klaus is upset that Stefan lured Rayna to his vampire town and kicks Stefan out. Caroline calls Stefan, but he had forgotten his cell phone so Klaus answer it. Caroline is confused as she was trying to reach Stefan not Klaus. Klaus talks about how he handles being a father while Caroline tries to deal with a screaming baby. She is overwhelmed with the twins and is worried about Stefan. Klaus reassures her that Stefan will be fine.

Stefan gets a tip from Matt and Valerie that Rayna is traveling on the same road Stefan is on. He tries to lose her, but he gets a flat tire. It turns out the flat tire wasn’t an accident, but an arrow from Rayna. She shoots at Stefan before stabbing him with the sword, but he stops it with his hands. As it itches towards his heart Klaus rescues him. He kills Rayna for now and convinces Stefan to come with him. Stefan tells him to drop him off at a train station. He asks if Stefan loves Caroline. Stefan asks if he still has feelings for Caroline. Klaus thinks he was protecting Caroline when he got stabbed, but Damon says it was Damon he was protecting. Klaus says he is taking Stefan to see a witch who might be able to help get Rayna off Stefan’s tail.

The Armory

Enzo thinks he can help Stefan stop Rayna so he brings Bonnie and Damon to the Armory. In exchange for working with them, they are going to give him information about his family. He thinks if they get Stefan to the Armory, Rayna will follow and they can lock her up. Damon tells Valerie the plan, but she isn’t convinced the Armory will work. Damon tries to leave with Bonnie, but is filled with vervain by Enzo. Then he knocks Bonnie out and injects her with something that drains her magic. Damon wakes up in a room with Tyler. He has been working for the Armory as well and has been in a coma since Damon knocked him out after burning “Elena’s” body. Enzo tells Damon that Tyler will be transitioning soon as it’s a full moon. Enzo will let Damon out if he tells him where Stefan is.

Werewolf v. Vampire

Damon tries to get out, but the walls and doors are too strong. Tyler wakes up and Damon informs him what is going on and tells him he won’t kill him because Elena won’t forgive him. Tyler lectures him about how all his friends’ risk their lives to save Damon. Damon pumps Tyler with sedatives, but it isn’t enough to stop him from transiting. Bonnie tells Enzo how horrible he is and knocks him out with pot and fills him with vervain. Damon tells her that they need Enzo’s hand to open the door so Bonnie cuts off his hand and opens the door letting Damon and Tyler out. Tyler transitions into a werewolf and attacks Damon, almost biting him. Bonnie attacks Tyler who then slams her against the wall. Damon tells Tyler to leave and goes to feed Bonnie, but it doesn’t work.

Enzo’s Family

Enzo wakes up in the same medical bed Tyler was in. His hand has been reattached, but Enzo is done. He has done everything they wanted for four months and he hasn’t gotten any information. He resigns from working for them and the doctor tells him that his father founded the Armory. And her name is Alexandria St. John and she is Enzo’s family.

Three Years In The Future

Caroline arrived in New Orleans looking for Klaus, but she is told no one has seen or heard from him in three years.