Rayna Cruz

In Louisiana 1842, a girl is sitting with her father around a fire. He has made his invisible hunter marks visible so she can view them (they are only visible to the Brotherhood of the Five). She hopes to be in the Brotherhood and wants to learn to fight. For 15 years her father trains her, but when Julian attacks their town, her father goes to fight him. She goes to find her father and she finds Julian about to kill him. She attempts to get him to stop by saying her father is one of the Five, but it backfires and Julian compels her to kill her father. She tries to fight it while her father tells her to carry on his legacy before she stabs him.

Angry over her father, Rayna goes to a group of shamans who perform a ritual to give her a long life and power. Seven of them take their lives so they can live through her. The head Shaman gives her a sword and says that when the blade draws blood, it will help her in her destruction.

In 1903 England, we see what he meant by that. Julian, Mary Louise, Nora and Beau are walking out of bar when the Huntress finds them and kills Beau. Julian is able to knock Rayna out before they all flee by booking a trip to New York.¬†Before they can leave Rayna has found them and avenges her father’s death. She stabs Julian with the sword, which sucks his soul into the Phoenix Stone.

Reunited With Her Sword

The Huntress is still in Enzo’s glass box. She attempts to punch her way out of it and she does by shattering the whole thing. Enzo calls Damon and threatens to tell Bonnie what Damon did to Elena if they don’t bring him Rayna’s sword. Bonnie doesn’t want to hand it over to Enzo. They take it to Alaric’s classroom, where they find Enzo tied to a chair. Rayna demands her sword. When they say no, she shoots Bonnie in the stomach. Damon throws the sword out the window for her to get.


Stefan has rushed back to the hospital where Caroline is almost fully desiccated. He and Valerie can’t compel the doctors to do a C-section to get the babies out because the babies fight back.. Valerie thinks if they create enough magic outside of her body the babies won’t resist the doctors. She calls the Heretics and they chant while the doctors perform the C-Section. The doctor makes the incision when Beau’s huntress scar opens and he starts coughing up blood. Rayna has her sword and she’s on her way to the hospital. Nora calls Bonnie and asks how Rayna got the sword. Bonnie says it wasn’t intentional. This means that Rayna will never stop coming for them until they’re dead.

Bonnie and Damon rush to the hospital while Mary Louise, Nora and Beau flee. Stefan asks them to stay and help Caroline, but Valerie says they should get Beau to safety. But it’s too late as Rayna is already at the hospital where she stabs Beau with the sword. The other two flee.

Stefan goes into Caroline’s mind to have one last date. Damon and Bonnie arrive. He takes on Rayna while Bonnie goes to help Valerie create magic for the babies. Bonnie tells Stefan he has to help Damon and he agrees to go after Alaric arrives. Damon is barely fighting Rayna and just as she is about to stab him, Stefan steps in front of it. It doesn’t go all the way in which means he is only marked, but he has to get out of town.

After Caroline has given birth, Alaric brings the girls to meet Caroline. He named one Josie, in honor of their mother, and Elizabeth, in honor of Caroline’s mother.

Damon goes to take his anger out on Enzo when Enzo reveals Elena isn’t dead. Tyler was working with the same group Enzo is with and they moved the coffin to New York. Damon calls Stefan to tell him that Elena isn’t dead.

Three Years

Caroline and her twins are in the car heading to New Orleans to visit “mommy’s friend.”