This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a much needed rest and respite from the last few episodes. After watching a number of deaths last week, it was nice to see Rick and company starting to settle back into Alexandria and rebuild it after the destruction from last week. I know from Twitter that a lot of people hate episodes that move the story and just want non-stop action, but this show needs episodes like this.

This episode was not only a calming episode, but it was also pretty funny and had the biggest shock ending in a long time. It also introduced a very important character.

I’ll start off with the new character, and there will be some slight spoilers here from the comics, and possibly the future of the series. The new character is Paul Monroe, who is also known as Jesus. It is always humorous to watch people on Twitter react to these new arrivals, especially when it comes to major characters like this. So many people wanted Daryl and Rick to gun down the unarmed man, which is something I still don’t get from fans, because that makes them a lot like The Governor.

Jesus, though, is going to be an awesome addition to the show and this episode kept him as the almost superhuman character he is in the comics. Of course, he is not superhuman, but he is a better hand-to-hand fighter and strategist than anyone in Rick’s camp. He showed that when he tricked Rick and Daryl into stealing their truck, then by leaping onto the truck and hitching a ride after freeing himself from the ropes that Rick tied him up with.

Jesus in the comics is part of another Alexandria styled community, and from the hints of next week’s episode, it sounds like they might keep that up. Also, I have a feeling that his arrival will allow the two communities to develop their agreement before Negan is officially introduced. Don’t be surprised to see Negan and Lucille end the life of a very popular character as late as the season finale, opening up next season to be the battle with Negan.

But, for people who don’t trust Jesus, he is someone that fans should fall in love with over time.

It is also interesting that this episode took place two months after the zombie battle from last week. One of the big things to take from this is that Daryl has suddenly chosen not to trust outsiders anymore (thanks probably to him being betrayed by the last people he trusted) and now Rick is completely trusting (thanks to the people of Alexandria coming to his side last week).

This week didn’t really go into the story of Carol and Morgan or Glenn and Maggie, but it did wrap up the story of one of Alexandria’s survivors. Spencer, someone who has given people plenty of reasons to hate him, was outside the gates with a shovel. Joining him was Michonne, who promised Deanne that she would protect her son, despite him wanting her to leave him alone. It turned out the reason that he wanted to be left alone was because Deanne was still out there, as a zombie, and he had to put down his own mother to close that story.

For someone who is as hated as Spencer, it was a great moment.

Carl was also shown, and is back on his feet again, with an eye bandage (his eye patch should come soon). That led to the final amazing twist. Carl refused to kill Deanne when he found her, and when Michonne told him he should have killed her. Carl then told her that the task should be completed by someone that loves them. Then Carl said he would do it for Michonne, which was sweet. Then at the end of the episode, Rick and Michonne had sex, showing how their relationship has developed.

Then, Jesus walked in and said they needed to talk.

It was an awesome end.

Give Jesus a chance. You will come to love him.