We Kill Supergirl

So last week’s episode ended with a Supergirl doppelganger picking up a car and throwing it into a mountain on live TV.  Well, to the surprise of no one, she’s revealed to be the Jane Doe that Maxwell Lord has been hiding in his lab, whom he’s created in a very Frankenstein-like fashion to destroy Supergirl.

The DEO are racking their brains trying to figure exactly what it is they’re dealing with and Kara naturally brings up the possibility that it could have something to do with the woman Hank saw in Lord’s building, though Hank is skeptical.  However, some research from Winn later pretty confirms that it’s Lord’s doing and that he also experimented on six other girls.

Now, you might think Lord would want to use his duplicate Supergirl to discredit the genuine article like with last week’s cliffhanger but that idea quickly goes out the window when she gets into a very public fight with Kara while she’s in the middle of a rescue, whom Cat then names Bizarro (though how Cat came up with that name I have no idea).

Back at Lord Tech, Bizarro begins to question her mission to kill Supergirl, since despite what she’s been told by Lord, Supergirl does not appear to be evil.  Lord however, simply tells her that she needs to trust him and continue with her original goal.  Later, Alex goes to confront Lord about Bizarro, though as usual he’s completely unfazed by this and all but tells her that he knows Supergirl’s identity and that if she tries doing anything to him, things will end bad for her.

Back at the DEO, they figure that Bizarro likely has the same weaknesses as Kara, so they decide to hit her with some Kryptonite darts.  Kara disagrees with this plan though, feeling that Bizarro is the victim and they should just arrest Lord instead.  Hank says that legally speaking there’s not much they can do (yeah that’s a perfectly believable thing post-9/11).

Inevitably, Kara and Bizarro fight once again and despite the usual amount of dodgy CGI and less than subtle wireworks, it’s one of the show’s better action scenes.  The DEO then drive in and start shooting Bizarro with Kryptonite but that only makes her stronger, as well as disfiguring her face causing her to fly away in anger.

Back at Lord Tech, Lord is angry to see his “creation” damaged and advises Bizarro to go after someone Supergirl loves, so she decides to kidnap James.  Meanwhile, Bizarro’s antics prove to be the last straw for Alex and she has him arrested and detained at the DEO.  Hank points out that the entire world will be looking for him, though Alex insists she needed to do it to protect Kara.

Kara flies to James’ rescue and while Bizarro is distracted fighting with Kara, Alex shoots her with a new Kyptonite dart that has been modified to glow blue and to have the opposite effects of regular Kryptonite.  The dart has the desired effect of knocking Bizarro out and she’s taken into DEO custody.  They decide the best thing to do is to put Bizarro back into a coma until they can figure a better way to help her, which Kara reluctantly agrees to.  Just before she goes under, Bizarro says that she’s sorry.  Kara confronts Lord in his DEO cell but being the one-dimensional mustache twirler he is, he’s still as smug as ever.

Kara and Adam

Kara’s budding romance with Adam has some unforeseen effects on her personal and her work life.  For starters, Cat is being unusually nice to Kara.  We see Cat not only getting her own coffee but picking some up for Kara as well.  She then openly compliments Kara at work and not in the funny backhanded way she normally does.  This of course weirds Kara out a bit and makes her feel like she’s in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (though personally I was tempted to just call her Bizarro Cat).

What’s more, James and Winn find out about her and Adam and admittedly their reactions are not what I expected.  Winn, who has apparently now had time to make peace with his unrequited love for Kara, mostly rolls with it.  The normally more mature James on the other hand is clearly bothered by this which goes unnoticed by Kara but not Winn.  Winn then takes this opportunity to complain some more about being in the friendzone and urges James to be honest about his feelings for Kara.  When James rightfully reminds him he’s in a relationship with Lucy, Winn counters that given how obvious his feelings are for Kara, it’s only a matter of time before things with Lucy end badly anyway.  Yeah Winn, you’re pretty much the last person that should be giving relationship advice.  When James is later kidnapped by Bizarro, he admits that he does love her (though honestly he’s only slightly more subtle about it than Winn).

In the end though, Kara decides to break things off with Adam since tonight’s episode served as another reminder of how dangerous her life as Supergirl is and Adam heads back to Opal City.  Her working relationship with Cat also goes back to the status quo as a result.


Kara flies back to her apartment but when she gets there she notices a mysterious looking egg has recently hatched on her coffee table.  Just then a tentacled monster latches itself onto her face.


Bizarro is probably my favorite villain so far.  She has far more personality than the average villain of the week, isn’t nearly as hammy as Maxwell Lord and is far more interesting than the Fort Rozz prisoners.  Bizarro having Kara’s powers makes the fight less one sided than normal and Kara’s empathy for Bizarro puts some emotional stakes to whole thing.  As for Lord, I felt like they’ve taken things too fast with him and now the writers have backed themselves into a corner and had no choice but to imprison him, likely as a way to put his plot line on pause.

Unfortunately, the stuff with Adam I just found annoying.  For starters, Kara breaking things off so soon makes the whole thing feel pointless, which is a shame since their chemistry still felt way more natural than it does with James or Winn (but then again since they’re married in real life, that’s probably to be expected).  I also didn’t care for how James and Winn handled seeing Kara with someone else.  While I agree with Winn that James and Lucy’s relationship will probably end badly, his advice is seriously undermined by him doing yet even more whining about the friendzone and it also doesn’t help that he’s not really in any position to give anybody love advice.  What’s worse is that even when James secretly admits to being in love with Kara, it’s clear he has no intentions of breaking things off with Lucy anytime soon.

Tune in next week for “For the Girl Who Has Everything.”