Fast Lane

A tar-morphing meta-human, aptly nicknamed Tar-pit, goes on a revenge spree against the men who attempted to drown him in hot tar on the night of the accelerator explosion. Ever since he’s been trapped underground in tar, only to be set free as construction begins on the ruins of the old factory. Meanwhile, Harry sets to stealing Barry’s speed. A whole two percent of his total speed is stolen from him and given to Zoom as an attempt to bargain for Jesse’s life. Zoom is not to be swayed, promising Harry that he will torture Jesse until he delivers the rest of Barry’s speed. Barry’s decreased speed, minor as it is, does prevent him from reaching a piece of car crash debris that hits Iris, putting her in the hospital and causing concern among the team. Harry, racked with guilt, admits he is to blame. Harry, having discovered with Barry how to close the breaches, tells them to send him back and close all the breaches behind him, leaving Zoom and Jesse the problem of Earth-2. Barry, understanding as ever, reasons that any of them would be capable of betrayal for their family and decides instead to go with Harry to Earth-2 and help him save Jesse.

Wally and the Wests

Wally is still drag racing, which is putting a strain on the family dynamic. Joe is afraid to put pressure on him for fear of losing him all together, while Iris is relentless of her campaign to put a stop to his reckless ways and convince him of her and Joe’s love. Wally is distant and uncooperative until Tar-pit’s attempt to kill one of his murderers at a drag race injures Iris with Wally’s crashed car. Both Joe and Iris proclaim their care and dedication to Wally as a family and he finally seems to believe them. He admits to Iris that drag racing reminds Wally of the long drives that Francine and he used to take as a kid and how happy they were together. If felt like if he kept driving he wouldn’t have to come to terms with his mother’s death.


Harry suffers a guilty conscience as he steals Barry’s speed with a device he designed using Turtle’s brain cells. The team are so supportive of Harry, so eager to make him part of the team and so interested in helping him save his daughter that he can’t help but feel bad for betraying them. Harry even says that Barry reminds him of Jesse. The fact that it doesn’t even cross their mind that Harry might be responsible – plus the fact of Iris’s injury and Barry’s determination to protect those he loves – seems to send him over the edge. He admits that he’s to blame, revealing the device and beginning to explain himself when Joe comes in and overhears, punching him and dragging him to a cell. As always, Harry believes himself to be in his fight alone. He asks to be sent back to Earth-2, closing all the breaches behind him and trapping Zoom along with him. Even after everyone’s attempt to relate to him and make him part of the team, Harry still can’t believe he has friends who would help him. No one is more shocked than Harry, especially after his betrayal, to hear that Barry and friends are determined to help him save his daughter once and for all.