TNA Impact Wrestling has come to Pop TV and they are promising a new generation for the show. Tonight, they will present a new champion, have a title defense for the King of the Mountain title, and possibly see the return of James Storm. This is not going to be a straight recap, but instead will just talk about each segment of the episode to see what works and what doesn’t.

Dixie Carter Opens The Show

Dixie Carter opens the show, which isn’t the most positive thing for those of us wanting something different. The six-sided ring is back, and I have no idea how long it has been back for. Anyway, Carter talked to her nephew EC3, who is out with his bodyguard Tyrus. Tonight is the finals of the TNA world title tournament. EC3 talks about his title being stolen and Matt Hardy comes out to mock him. That brings out Eric Young to attack Hardy and then Bobby Lashley to attack EC3. This opening promo leads to the first match, which is nice

Watch the final episode of the Impact World Title Series leading into tonight semifinal matches

Bobby Lashley vs. EC3 (TNA Impact Wrestling world title semifinals)

EC3 has Tyrus at ringside to help him cheat. Lashley is wearing a stupid looking headband. One of the keys heading into the match is that EC3 has never been pinned or submitted since he came into TNA Impact Wrestling. He really is one of the best heels in wrestling and makes people really hate him. He has also improved a lot when it comes to his actual wrestling. Earl Hebner is back as the referee. Tyrus interfered when Lashley attempted a spear and then distracted Lashley again. As a result, EC3 was able to roll up Lashley for the pin, holding tights. EC3 won by cheating, and it was by pinfall over Lashley, which helps him. Lashley didn’t look really great in the loss, but this was more to help EC3 continue to be a main event star for TNA.

Kurt Angle Retirement Tour

Kurt Angle is supposed to be ending his time in TNA Impact Wrestling, and possibly ending his in-ring career completely. However, Angle is here for the premiere of TN Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. He reminds people he is a 13-time world champion and thanks the fans. The fans are great tonight. He talks about wrestling Hogan, The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and name checks a lot of them. He said he is retiring, but he is starting his farewell tour in TNA Impact Wrestling … and next week he will wrestle Drew Galloway, the future of TNA wrestling.

As they are talking about the match, Jessie Godderz comes out and says that he is the veteran here because he starred on Big Brother, which is a Pop TV show. Eli Drake comes out next and insults both Jessie and Angle and says he is the real star here. Angle talks down Drake and challenges them to come to the ring and do more than just talk. They come in to fight. Angle with an ankle lock on Godderz and Galloway beats down Drake.

Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy (TNA Impact Wrestling world title semifinals)

Eric Young smashed Matt Hardy with a chair in the opening segment and wanted to win by forfeit, but Hardy came down hurting to fight anyway. By the way, Jeff Hardy is backstage as well. Eric Young tried to win the match when he did the unthinkable and piledrove Matt Hardy on the concrete floor, a classic old-school heel move. Young even went after Jeff Hardy when he came down to check on his brother. Young took too long and when he finally made it back, he went for a flying spear, but Hardy caught him with the Twist of Fate in midair for the win. Honestly, Young dominated the match and the fact that Hardy won after taking a piledriver on the floor was not great booking. It was a decent match till the end.

Bobby Roode Open Challenge

Bobby Roode is the King of the Mountain champion, the new secondary title for TNA Impact Wrestling, and he issued an open challenge to anyone. He even said that he challenged not only TNA wrestlers, but those from other promotions as well. The man who accepted the challenge was Bram, which is a very unlikely surprise and one that is disappointing since they were hinting at someone from another promotion and the audience didn’t care. Of course, Bram was suspended last year for legal problems, but was brought back when he was exonerated. Roode is wrestling more and more like Arn Anderson, and that is a good thing. Roode won with the Rude Bomb in a match that was never in doubt.

Eric Young attacked after the match to prove a point that he was a sore loser. Roode fought back but Bram and Young double teamed Roode, beating him down. James Storm ran in from the audience to save Bobby Roode, spit beer in Bram’s face and then hit his superkick on Eric Young. Storm took the mic and said he quit TNA because he didn’t like the character he was playing last year and wasn’t having fun anymore. He then said that he is back to being the original James Storm again. He talked about his “most disappointing” award in 2015. He said that he was pissed because he made TNA Impact Wrestling, not the other way around. He then offered Roode a beet and Roode said “money” and the theme for Beer Money played.

By the way, they spoiled this by almost playing “Beer Money” after Roode won the match. The two clicks played and it was clear what they were from. By the way, Beer Money fights Bram and Eric Young on this weekend’s One Night Only PPV.

The Beautiful People vs. The Knockouts

The entrance for The Dollhouse is pretty great. Rebel has taken the place of Taryn Terrell, who announced this week that she had quit TNA Impact Wrestling (she found religion). Strangely, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky came out as The Beautiful People, but without Angelina Love. Their partner is actually Knockouts champion Gail Kim, in part to the fact that The Dollhouse tormented Kim throughout 2015. The match was kind of short and not that overly impressive. The Beautiful People won when Gail Kum picked up the pinfall win. Awesome Kong in for what looked to be the save, but instead, she beat up Gail Kim and then joined The Dollhouse.

The Miracle Debuts

It is time for the introduction of The Miracle. The lights go out and soft music starts up before, as expected, Maria Kanellis came out with a microphone where she welcomes everyone to her place of worship. She is continuing to use the nickname as “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling,” just like she did in Ring of Honor. She says that people have been praying that someone would save professional wrestling, and asked if people believed in miracles and said she believes in miracles and her miracle is Mike Bennett. His theme music started and Bennett came out in a white suit and hat. He said he is here to save TNA. He said that he is a miracle and will become the TNA champion.

Check out Mike Bennett in action from Ring of Honor

EC3 vs. Matt Hardy (TNA Impact Wrestling world title match)

The TNA World Title Series started because Matt Hardy won the title from EC3 thanks to his brother Jeff Hardy. Now, the same two are fighting for the title. Hardy is injured for the match. Tyrus is with EC3 while Jeff Hardy is with Matt. Hardy’s wife and baby are at ringside. Either that is a feel good story or they are there for EC3 to use to win. Jeff Hardy said he believes in Matt and will leave if Tyrus believes in EC3 enough to leave. Tyrus said “cool” and left, much to EC3’s chagrin. That actually worked better than having Tyrus at ringside because it forced EC3 to beat Matt Hardy and win on his own, and he did it. EC3 needed that to become a true main event star. Reby Sky came out with their baby to consult Matt and he was a jerk about it and walked off.