Lucifer is coming to Fox. We have talked about it a little bit here at Renegade Cinema and I for one am excited about it. Basically, for anyone who has no idea, Lucifer is a spin-off from the amazing Neil Gaiman Sandman universe.

As his name indicates, this is the Lucifer who ruled over Hell, until one day he got bored and headed to Earth to just have some fun. He is able to basically make anyone do anything he wants, and most importantly, he will never lie to you and allow you to ruin your own life.

The TV show had to maintain some semblance of what mainstream audiences want, so Fox has changed this up into a police procedural where Lucifer (Tom Ellis from Merlin) helps a police officer named Chloe (Lauren German) solve crimes. It’s like The Mentalist if the psychic was Satan.

We’ll have to see if this change will keep the dark humor of the comics. Check out the new promo below for Lucifer, which debuts on Jan. 25, 2016. Let’s hope it has a better life that the underrated Constantine. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.