Legends of Today

As Barry continues to train to reach faster speeds without success, Harrison Wells and Caitlin work to develop a speed enhancing drug for combat against Zoom. Meanwhile, Kendra is attacked by a knife throwing villain named Vandal Savage. Cisco calls for help and accidentally reveals the Flash’s identity to Kendra after Barry saves them. The team decides to bring Kendra to Star City to seek protection from Oliver and Co., feeling unequipped to deal with what appears to be a problem of mysticism and magic. Savage appears to be immortal and keeps calling Kendra by the name Shiera, although Kendra doesn’t recognize him. Kendra then meets a hawkman named Carter Hall who claims that they have been lovers for thousands of years, dying and reincarnating to find each other again throughout the years. He has “emerged” and has come to protect Kendra from Savage, whose destiny is to hunt and kill them throughout the ages in order to maintain his immortality. The team is given information about Savage’s intention to obtain a powerful artifact called the Staff of Horace to aid in his hunt. Barry and Oliver track down the artifact and try to get it before Savage does. They arrive just too late and have a very unsuccessful battle with Savage. As they fight, Kendra emerges – a very complicated process that includes jumping off a building to force her flying instinct to kick in – and Savage leaves the battle to find her. Everything is left very much unresolved, surely to be concluded on tomorrow night’s episode of Arrow.

Meanwhile, Wells and Caitlin perfect the speed formula. Patty, however, sees Wells while he is running errands and follows him back to STAR Labs, shooting him when she thinks the injection gun is a weapon. Jay reluctantly takes the speed drug so he can phase through Wells and remove the bullet, saving his life. Jay tells them to keep the speed drug away from Barry. Caitlin apparently didn’t know that Patty didn’t know about Harrison Wells, thinking that it might be pretty important for Joe to share necessary information with his partner. Joe is going to have a lot of explaining to do when next he sees Patty, and its just one step closer to her discovering Barry’s secret identity.


I don’t watch Arrow, so a big chunk of this episode was basically nonsense to me. I don’t really know anything about Oliver’s team or John Barrowman’s character and why he enters every room from strategically placed shadows followed by a ninja entourage. The big development seems to be that Oliver and Felicity are together and that its done Oliver some good to be with her. And based on the “last time on Arrow” opening and the ending scene, a woman from Oliver’s past – who was bribed to tell him that she had “lost the baby” – is living in Central City with a suspiciously aged child in tow. I’m sure we’ll get more on that tomorrow. Its also kind of adorable seeing Oliver in Central City with Barry and seeing his wonder that the Flash is celebrated as a hero and a celebrity.

Harrison Wells

His relationship with Caitlin is pretty adorable. She’s probably the only person that everyone gets along with and the only person who can “soothe the beast” that is the anti-social Wells-2. And they make beautiful science together! Their success in producing a viable speed force drug is soured when Jay refuses to test it and tells Caitlin to keep the drug away from Barry. There’s not much for specific objections other than the fact that Jay doesn’t trust Harrison Wells. Jay, of course, is a hero and can’t help coming when Caitlin calls. When its a question of taking the drug or letting Wells die, Jay doesn’t hesitate for a second injecting himself with the drug. It didn’t seem to do anything too terrible to him, but he still insists that Wells keeps it away from Barry. My guess is that we haven’t heard the last of the speed force drug.


While it is fantastic that Kendra has found her true inner self and unleashed her greatest potential, it doesn’t bode well for Cisco that her emergence comes with a thousands-year-old relationship with another winged-person. While I’m sure that Kendra cares for Cisco deeply, she has already said that she needs to go through her self-discovery alone. Its more likely that Cisco will eventually have his heart broken as Kendra heeds the call of centuries.


So if Joe had shared with Patty the information she should have known as his partner and a member of the meta-human task force, she probably would never have shot Harrison Wells. And Joe is mad at her for doing what she thought her job was based on the information he made available to her. I think if Cisco can just accidentally reveal Barry’s identity to Kendra and have it all be okay, I think maybe they can reveal this crucial information to someone who is tried and trustworthy.