According to the synopsis on the back of the Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD, the Enchiridion is a book that’s stories just jump off the page and this DVD features 16 episodes worthy of a chapter in the mythical book. I mistakenly assumed that this DVD had 16 episodes that tracked the book, the Enchiridion, but the episodes contained on this DVD were not really connected in any way at all.

The first episode on the DVD is called “The Enchiridion” and shows how Finn the Human and Jake the Dog were able to come into possession of the Enchiridion. The second episode is called “In Your Footsteps” and shows how a bear tricks Finn into giving him the Enchiridion, which he then delivers to an ominous villain. I assumed that the rest of the DVD would follow these adventures, but that was the last we see of the Enchiridion on this DVD.

In actuality, the Enchiridion had a longer history on the series and this DVD could have followed the book to the Snail, which is who the Bear brought it to, who was possessed by The Lich, to Finn’s battle with The Lich, the retrieval by The Ice King and its return to Fionna. However, this DVD doesn’t care about any of the stories about the Enchiridion outside of the first two and then it just ambles through 14 more episodes.

However, if you don’t care about a running story going through the DVD, and don’t have the seasons on DVD already, the Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD has some really fun stories compiled on the DVD. Highlights include Henchman, where Finn realizes that Vampire Queen Marceline isn’t really evil, and Root Beer Guy, which is a nice story that barely focuses on Finn and Jake at all.

At the end of the day, true fans of Adventure Time probably have no reason to own the Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD, as all these episodes are on the individual season DVDs. But for casual fans who just want to drop a few bucks for some fun episodes, this is a nice buy with some fun and quirky episodes.

There are no special features on the Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD.