Stefan is at a storage unit that has two coffins in it and opens one that contains Damon Salvatore.

Three Years To The Present

The diaries are back since Elena asked everyone to write down what happened so when Bonnie dies and she wakes up, she won’t have missed anything. Caroline is writing in her diary telling us that Damon is grieving her by helping Alaric, who is grieving for Jo. They are drinking through Europe with Bonnie. Matt is about to become deputy. And then there’s Stefan. He approaches Caroline and they have an awkward conversation before Caroline goes back to writing how everything is great in Mystic Falls.

On the other side of Mystic Falls is a woman who is writing the complete opposite. She is not loving life: She hates the food, the air, and social media. And then she gets hit by two teens who drive off. After they drive away, she pops up.

The Heretics

Valerie tells us that her family has been sheltered away by Lily. There is also Oscar, Beau, Nora, Mary Louis and Malcolm, who is Lily’s favorite. Lily is keeping them inside so they can adjust to life in 2015 without murdering a ton of people as they need to fly under the radar. Lily is on her way to New York to meet Lorenzo. That peace lasts very shortly as the ladies go find the teens who hit Valerie with their car and murder them.

Matt and Stefan show up at the scene and they instantly know its the family of Heretics who did it. They call Damon and Alaric and inform them which causes them to decide they need to come home. Alaric has not be drinking his way through Europe. We learn he has been drinking tea not bourbon and is there to beat up psychics trying to find the origin of the glowing ball thing so he can bring Jo back to life.

Lily meets with Enzo and tells him she needs him to track something for her. She is looking for the same glowing ball as Alaric. Enzo asks why she wants it, but she says it’s a family matter. Offended, he tells her to find her own ball.

Stefan has been making a bomb while Caroline goes to welcome the Heretics to town. With Lily out of town, Stefan thinks this is the perfect time to blow up the house. Caroline goes to their house to welcome them with flowers while Matt sets up the bomb in the back. Matt and Caroline get out of the house just as the bomb blows.


Lily tells Stefan that his bomb didn’t really do anything to her family and that they will retaliate. They show up at Matt’s police graudation ceremony. They turn the sprinklers on and then they set everyone on fire and then murder them. Mary Louise and Nora give Caroline a witchy brain attack while Beau tries to stake Stefan. Lily comes and tells her kids to stop it.

Caroline and Stefan decide to compromise with the Heretics. Lily allows them to clear the town before the Heretics take it over and if anyone remains, they are fair game. Matt tells the town that there was a mining fire underneath the town and now there’s carbon monoxide everywhere. Stefan and Caroline go to people’s doors and compel them to leave.

As they are boarding up the town Damon comes back and he is not happy that his home has been given to the Heretics. He heads to Bonnie’s dorm at Whitmore College. She’s still mad at him because he almost let her get hit by a truck. He says it was only three seconds that he hesitated. When Bonnie says three seconds is a long time he confesses, in the first second he was thinking about holding Elena in his arms, second two he was kissing her and second three he was remembering how Bonnie is his best friend and he would lose his mind if he lost her.

They decide to handle the heretic problem themselves. Bonnie approaches Malcolm on the street and does her witch mind kill thing. It works until he starts to take her magic from her. Damon comes from behind and rips Malcolm’s heart out.

Lily is not happy with that and sends Enzo to drug and kidnap Caroline.

Three Years In The Future

Damon awakes to yell at Stefan that he didn’t want to be woken up until Elena was awake. And then a woman in the shadows starts throwing arrows at them.