How does a Rian Johnson Cyberpunk movie sound to you?

Johnson is one of the most profound directors working today. Most people were most likely unaware of the guy before the extraordinary Looper hit theaters, but I’ve been a fan since his first feature film Brick with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now, that Looper  has garnered so much success financially, and critically, the film-maker has leverage to tackle larger projects.

Not much is known specifically about his next film but Slashfilm was able to get a small juicy scoop in regards to the genre. Here is the tweet from Peter Sciretta via Slashfilm:

Rian Johnson Cyberpunk Movie

Other than Christopher Nolan, this is the one guy I get pumped about when I hear he is developing a movie. Rian Johnson has a slick unique style and does incredibly well with playing within a genre.

Slashfilm further indicated that “there is no more news outside of that description, but it’s certainly exciting that Johnson is choosing to stick with sci-fi for his next script. The question will be, is that the next feature he directs?”

For now, little is known about this Rian Johnson Cyberpunk movie, but when further details are revealed, we shall cover it here for you Renegades.

Source: Slashfilm