Trainwreck delivers a delightfully whacked out tale of a party girl just this side of total slutdom and her reluctant slide into love.

When Amy (Amy Schumer) and her sister Kim (Brie Larson) were children, their dad (Colin Quinn) explained how he wound up getting a divorce, using their dolls as examples. Amy understood.

As an adult, she is expert at drinking, smoking pot to excess, and one night stands in the way women dream of them. She also has a very hunky boyfriend, Steven (John Cena), who is clueless about her double life until he sees the texts on her cell phone.

During the day, she is a magazine writer for a publication that is the male equivalent of Cosmo. The staff, headed by bitchy editor-in-chief, Dianna (Tilda Swinton), takes pleasure I’m tormenting her writers during staff meetings. Dianna dangles an executive editor job in front of Amy if she’ll do a story on a gifted surgeon who specializes in tricky surgeries on sports superstars. She wants the story to slant on the athletes and a bit on the doctor.

She goes to Dr. Aaron Conner (Bill Hader), who names a few famous knees he’s improved. She is clueless and finally admits she hates sports of any kind but amazingly is drawn to the doctor. Amy believes she’ll have another notch on her belt, and is happy when dinner turns into drinks that then turns into a night at his place.

The impossible happens.

Despite her best game plan, she winds up spending the night. While Amy is horrified, she agrees to another date. Aaron’s friend, LeBron James (playing himself), is as excited for Aaron as any mother with a marriageable daughter would be.

Aaron and Amy become a couple, even though Amy’s sister’s traditional life is Amy idea of purgatory. On the other hand, her dad, the creator of Amy’s lifestyle, is happy to have a guy around who knows nearly every major sports figure in the world.

Trainwreck is hilarious and touching at the same time. We finally have a strong and fallible female character who is completely likable. Hader has all the markings of a great leading man. John Cena and LeBron James also add so much to this movie by playing against type. There are also all kind of fun cameos throughout.

Schumer, whose Inside Amy Schumer got three Emmy nominations, proves she is also a gifted scriptwriter. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

One more thing. Go see this movie.