It starts with Elena walking down the road and finding Damon lying on the ground where they first met. He tells her he feels symbolic and kisses her. Elena asks if it is bad and to tell her how bad it is, but he just wants to dance with her.

The Wedding Aftermath

Picking up right where we left off last week, Damon is trying to save Elena with his blood while Alaric cries over Jo’s body. Damon tells Stefan and Caroline that she won’t wake. Stefan says take her to the hospital. Damon takes off with Elena and then Kai snaps Stefan and Caroline’s neck and walks over to Alaric and Jo. Kai’s dad is there with the other Gemini’s and they chant at Kai. Kai tells Alaric he’s sorry about the twins, but didn’t want to compete with them. Kai stabs himself in the neck–if he dies then the Gemini’s die with him.

Elena is being checked out at the hospital. Damon calls Bonnie and she says Kai is out and he drained her blood. Damon says Kai was at the wedding and killed Jo and Elena is injured. She is fine physically but she isn’t waking up.

Stefan and Caroline wake up in a car. Enzo pulled them out of the wedding. He tells them Kai is dead and the other Gemini’s are dying with him and Damon is at the hospital with Elena. He takes them to Lily who is looking for her dead friends. She says Kai brought them back with him.

The Gemini’s are screaming in pain. Liv comes to by Tyler and asks what is going on. He says Kai is dead which means everyone else is dying. He tells her that he loves her and that this isn’t the end for them. She tells him he isn’t dying and looks at the moon. If he turns he will heal. She tells him she loves him and she wants to do this for him. He kisses her and then covers her mouth and she dies. Tyler staggers away from Liv and calls Matt to tell him he triggered his curse and that the vampires need to stay clear of him.

Stefan tells his mom she needs to go back to her cell. She tells him that since her family is here her Ripper urges are off. He says to come with him now or he’s out of her life and she has no son. She walks away from him. He asks what she gave Kai to get her family back. She says she gave her blood.

Kai wakes up and pulls the glass out of his neck. Alaric is loading Jo’s body into his car. He gets in the car and grabs a gun. Kai walks out and Alaric shoots him. Kai tells him he is now one of Lily’s heretics. Alaric puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger but he’s out of bullets. Tyler shows up and throws Kai off of Alaric and bites him before running into the woods.


Matt tells Bonnie that Elena is at the hospital. She shows him a video with a note from Kai. They watch the video and Kai reveals that he got Bonnie’s blood in Canada.

Damon gets a text saying that Tyler is a werewolf. Kai shows up and asks Damon what’s wrong with him. He tells him he got bit by a dog and that there’s a cure in New Orleans that he will get if he tells him what he did to Elena. Kai refuses. Damon threatens him, but Kai says she will be preserved permanently young, but sleeping. Then we flash to the video Kai made where he says he linked Bonnie’s life to Elena. While Bonnie lives, Elena sleeps and if Bonnie tries to cheat the spell, they both die.

Matt tells Bonnie she has to run because Damon will kill her to wake Elena, but Bonnie won’t let Kai win. Kai tells Damon that he can go kill Bonnie now but Elena will never speak to him then leaves.

Caroline and Stefan are at the hospital. Caroline asks if he will be okay if they can’t break the spell. She says she can be there waiting when Elena wakes up after Bonnie has lived a long life. She says Elena was his soulmate, but Stefan says she was for a while. He says she was the only person who believed his brother was worth loving and that made him realize he still loved him too. Elena brought him back to Damon. Stefan admits that he does love her but says he needed Damon more than he needed Elena.

He asks if that’s why she wants to stay away from him. Caroline says this will sound like an excuse then starts to explain, but says she can’t do this right now.

Kai comes back to the wedding looking for anyone still alive because he needs blood. Bonnie is there and uses her magic against him. She pops his bones out of joint and tells him to undo the spell. He tells her he can’t. She says she will just wait for the werewolf bite to kill him. Bonnie breaks a leg off a chair while Kai siphons the magic out of the werewolf bite. He chokes her with his magic and knocks her out.

Damon shows up at the wedding and hears Bonnie wheezing. Kai shows up and says he should just walk away and let Bonnie die of a collapsed lung. Damon says sorry to Bonnie and then walks away. Kai is disappointed because Damon didn’t even seem conflicted. Damon comes back and decapitates Kai. He then heals Bonnie and carries her out.

Goodbye Elena

Bonnie and Caroline meet up with everyone else at the Salvatore’s. Bonnie and Caroline are first. They take Elena’s hand and suddenly we’re in Elena’s thoughts. The three of them are sitting in their dorm room. Elena hugs Caroline and tells her to take care of everyone while she is gone. Elena tells them to write everything down so when she wakes up she can read all about it. Bonnie cries and says sorry and Elena says they can have everything they wanted just not at the same time.

Caroline goes away and it’s just Bonnie and Elena. Elena asks her to do it one last time. Bonnie floats the feathers from the pillow all around Elena who smiles.

Elena is with Matt at the bridge where she died. She says goodbye to herself and tosses the flowers into the river. He says he doesn’t find this funny. She says she prefers this to saying goodbye. Matt throws flower off the bridge and we see him in a cop uniform. She says him being a cop is what she wants for him since he’s human, loyal and good and she wants him to spend the rest of his life fighting for people like him. He says he probably won’t see her again.

Elena and Alaric are boxing, but he says he doesn’t have anything to fight for anymore. Alaric is crushed, but Elena says he can’t fight it. He has to drown in the pain, but he will be stronger.

Jeremy shows up and tells her that when she wakes up she will see he was happy and doing what he was born to do.

Tyler is next and he’s in a cellar chained to a wall. Elena tells him not to fight his wolf but to let it be the thing that makes him extraordinary.

Stefan is after that. They are walking through the woods by the river. It was the place she told him she didn’t want to be a vampire. She says he knew her better than anyone and knows how hard it will be for her to say goodbye. She thanks him for bumping into her in the hallway. She says she never thought she’d be happy again. She says he saved her live and she loves him and she looks forward to seeing what new life he has chosen when she sees him next.

Enzo comes to see Lily. She asks if he thinks she is a monster and he says they are all in some way. She says she never felt full in her human life and then felt a part of something as a vampire. Enzo looks around and sees a building that wasn’t there last night. They go in and her family is there.

Stefan and Damon put Elena’s coffin in the Salvatore Crypt. Now it is Damon’s turn.

She says she knew he wouldn’t kill Bonnie. She knew he would save her best friend so that he could wait to see her for a few years. He says he was thinking of starving himself to sit and wait for her. But Elena says he can’t shut down. He needs to live his life. He kisses her. She says they can have that dance now. Damon twirls Elena and then dips her.

Caroline finds Stefan at her door. Stefan says he made the list she asked–of all the ways loving her could ruin his life. He also made a list of all the ways loving her changed his life. He says she made him laugh, dance, and was a friend. She told him he would find love again. He says he gets it if she needs time to heal and he will wait for her. When she is ready he will be ready for her.

Elena tells Damon she loves him and he says he loves her. They close her coffin and Bonnie seals the crypt.

The Future

Matt drives through Mystic Falls looking around. It looks very different from the Mystic Falls we are used to seeing. Damon is up by the clock tower. He looks around strangely at the town.