The casting process is completed and Sony Pictures has cast Asa Butterfield to play Peter Parker in the new movies. Butterfield made his name in movies like Ender’s Game, Hugo and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This is a good choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Andrew Garfield was fantastic in the two Amazing Spider-Man movies, but Marvel wants Peter Parker to be back in high school again. Luckily, they aren’t going with an origin story, since that has already been done twice in the last 15 years and Spider-Man already has his powers when we meet him.

The first appearance is supposed to come in Captain America: Civil War, which is awesome because that will start Sony and Marvel’s partnership and also because Spider-Man played a huge role in the Civil War comics.

Now, Butterfield has not actually signed on to play Spider-Man yet, but Latino Review reported today that they have been in negotiations since last week and it is just to the state of formalities now. An official announcement from Marvel will come soon.

After Captain America: Civil War, Sony will create its next Spider-Man movie, which will hit on July 28 as a joint production between Marvel and Sony. The word is that the new Spider-Man movies will focus more on what it is like to be a teenager with superhuman powers.

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