Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We begin this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries with Alaric grading papers when he hears a sound. He goes to check and he gets kidnapped. At the hospital, a cop shows up and asks to speak to Jo alone. The he rips his shirt off and starts dancing. Elena and Bonnie show up and dance along.

Alaric is taken to the Salvatore House by Damon, Matt, and Stefan for his bachelor party while the girls go to a diner and have sandwiches and milkshakes. Bonnie asks Elena about the cure and that Damon called her to tell her he was going to take the cure too. Elena admits she freaked out and that everything is really complicated right now.

Damon tells Alaric that he offered to take the cure with Elena. Elena will take the cure and then he will drink her blood and turn human. Alaric asks if he really wants to be human and Damon says he wants to be with Elena. He asks if he has told Stefan which Damon says he will eventually.

Back with the girls. Jo asks how Elena couldn’t give an answer to Damon when he basically proposed to her. Elena says she might miss some of the vampire perks or she might find out she doesn’t love Damon as a human. Damon calls Elena and tells her to meet him at the clock tower.

Ripper to Ripper

Enzo shows up and finds Stefan. Stefan is trying to call Caroline, but gets voicemail again. Enzo tells Stefan he is here about his mother. He takes him to the Grill to talk to her. Lily follows a guy out of the bar and gets ready to kill him when Stefan blocks her. He tells her that Enzo told him she went off the deep end. She claims it’s a one time thing, but Stefan knows better. He tells her how he salivates at the back of his mouth and his veins itch when the hunger starts to take over him. The world around him falls apart and all he can hear is the pulsing of blood. She is tapping her finger and he slaps his hand onto it.

Stefan calls Damon and tells him that their mom is who turned Enzo and that she is also a ripper. Damon says to lock her up, but Stefan wants to try compassion again. Stefan tries to teach his mom how to drink alcohol instead of giving into Ripper tendencies. She says she just needs time to grieve over her friends. Stefan says he thinks their relationship is worth saving and since she got him to flip his humanity back deep down inside she must feel something for him.

She tells him about his father and how he was a cheater and abuser and when she died she became powerful and found a new family. Looking at Stefan reminds her of the pathetic woman she once was. Stefan pulls a syringe out from under the table and says she can trust him. She knows he’s lying and stabs his hand and attacks a waitress. Stefan compels the people to clean up the mess his mom made when Enzo finally shows up. He complains that he had to compel everyone himself. Enzo tells him to get used to it because Damon has the cure and is going to be human. Stefan doesn’t believe Enzo and says they need to find Lily before she kills more people.

The Cure

Damon and Elena talk on the clock tower. She asks if he really wants to take the cure with her or is he just afraid of losing her. He says both. She knows he loves to be a vampire and she doesn’t want him to resent her. He says he has something to show her and they jump off the tower together.

Damon asks what Elena’s favorite vampire thing is and she says healing people. Damon says he loves everything. He gets inside her head and they are back at her old house. He says he kissed her for the first time on this porch, but Alaric removed that memory from her mind. Elena says this isn’t real and is a fantasy he is creating. He says he has had enough fantasy and is ready to give it up for her.

He gives her the cure and she drinks it. She starts to collapse because of all the memories of them that are coming back to her. Damon carries her home and says she will be fine. He stops outside the Grill as she comes back. She says she saw their first date and is getting all of her memories back. The cure undid the compulsion. She pricks her finger and it doesn’t heal.


Bonnie tells Jo that the party is pretty much over since Elena left. Lily shows up and goes after Bonnie. She uses her magic, but Lily stabs her in the neck and goes to Jo. Jo begs her to stop since she’s pregnant and finds out she is carrying twins. Jo thanks Bonnie for destroying the Ascendant. Her carrying twins means Kai will want to kill her.

Stefan calls Damon and tells him not to take the cure because Lily is loose. Lily shows up and snaps Damon’s neck. She sees Elena is bleeding and goes to feed on Elena. Elena smacks her on the head and runs into the Grill. More memories hit her and she has to fight through them to hide in the kitchen. She runs into the tunnels and gets away.

Stefan says Damon should have told him about turning human and he shouldn’t have to had heard from Enzo. He says he knows when Lily comes into the Grill. She is alone and terrified and grabs some wood to stab herself with. Stefan begs her to stay alive for him. She goes to stake Stefan, but Damon stabs her with the syringe.

Jo and Alaric reunite at the hospital. Jo tells him they are having twins. Her family will want to take the babies to try to make them merge to strip Kai of his power. Alaric says after they get married they are going to run away.

Damon finds Elena and says Bonnie and Jo are okay and Lily is locked up. Elena says she remembers everything and even that conversation on the island about the cure where she asked him to take the cure with her and he says no. She knows he would be miserable and asks what Stefan would think. She loves him, but she can’t let him do this until everyone in his life tries to talk him out of it.


Kai is making dinner and we see he has vampire bites all around him. He sets the table and then goes outside and rings the dinner bell. He has woken up the Gemini hybrids and is getting ready to get out of there.