Anyone who has followed Wonder Woman for any amount of time knows the name Steve Trevor. He is the military man who was responsible for bringing Wonder Woman to the world of man and became her close companion for many years.

In the New DC 52, he is often portrayed as a bit bitter and betrayed, especially after Wonder Woman spurned his affections for his own safety and then actually started dating Superman. As a result, in the comics, he actually created his own Justice League team of heroes to be there in case they needed to stop the main Justice League if that team grew out of control.

He also was manipulated early by Amanda Waller, who is the person who leads the Suicide Squad, before becoming a thorn in her side.

With that said, it makes a lot of sense that Steve Trevor will appear in the Suicide Squad movie. Scott Eastwood has been cast to play Trevor in the movie and it will be interesting to see how he is portrayed.

The only way for Trevor to exist in a young man’s role in Suicide Squad is for DC Comics to change his origin. The Wonder Woman movie will be a period film, taking place in the 1920s and dealing with women’s roles in the world through the years. The sequels are supposed to also reside in different eras of the past as well.

That means that, by the time that Wonder Woman joins the Justice League, she will have been around for a good 90 years (which is fine for her, because she probably doesn’t age like normal people, but that would make Steve Trevor dead by the time Suicide Squad takes place). With that said, it sounds like we will get Trevor in this movie and then set up how he meets Wonder Woman later in her career as a superhero.

If they go with the New 52 version of Steve Trevor (who runs a group called A.R.G.U.S.), this could be very exciting for the future of the DC Comics universe.

Suicide Squad comes out on August 5, 2016 and shooting starts in the next month.

Source: Latino Review