One of the most interesting aspects of the story of X-Men villain Apocalypse in the comics surrounded original X-Men member Angel. For fans who don’t know, Angel was one of the original X-Men when the team first started, a wealthy mutant who often rotated between a rich socialite¬†and a tormented soul.

Things really changed for his character when he attempted suicide after losing his wings (which was not actually a suicide attempt, but a setup by an enemy), only to have Apocalypse save him and offer him a deal. He gave Angel his wings back, in a mechanized version, and in exchange, Angel became Archangel and served as Death in the Four Horseman for Apocalypse.

It was a huge moment in the character’s history and turned an original X-Man into a major villain for a time.

Well, it looks like Angel will be appearing in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, and while¬†it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Bryan Singer basically confirmed it with some artwork from the movie.

Some production art. #XMEN #XmenApocalypse

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In the photo, we see the white wings, but if they have Angel lose his wings and then bring him back as Archangel, this movie is becoming all kinds of cool. Ben Hardy (EastEnders) has been cast in the movie, and he looks just like Angel, although the producers deny that he was cast to play “Angel.”

Here is hoping that he was actually cast to play Archangel then.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016.