Desde Hollywood uncovered the first official image of Lois Lane from the upcoming DC Comics movie Man of Steel. The photo, for some reason presented in black and white, shows actress Amy Adams standing in what looks like the newsroom holding her iPad.

Its that nice modern day touch in the new Superman movie.

This isn’t the first image they have released, as an image of Superman in front of a bank vault and the one from the poster with him handcuffed with the military have also hit the Internet as well.

Amy Adams follows the wonderful Margot Kidder and the not so wonderful Kate Bosworth in the role as the reporter and future love interest of Superman. If she can pull some of the greatness she has displayed in the past with movies like The Master and Doubt, she might end up as the best Lois Lane of them all.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Desde Hollywood