Stefan vs. Caroline

Caroline cleans up the bar that she messed up last episode as Enzo shows up. She informs him that even though her humanity switch is off she still wants to stay in college and, in fact, she has an audition tomorrow. He asks why she needed his phone. She tells him it was for Sarah. She tells him she blackmailed Stefan into turning off his humanity by threatening her life. Sarah wakes up in the hosiptal to Jo who tells her she drank too much last night. Jo says she needs to stay put.

Stefan comes home and tells Damon about the rave. Damon asks if there is anything he would like to talk about. Stefan is looking for Jeremy’s hunter gear when Damon comes at him with a syringe, but Stefan snaps his wrist and tells him to stay out of his way.

Caroline is at her audition and when she tells the guy she crushed it, she sees Stefan and the dead theater director. He mocks her and reminds her that she ruined his life. He tells her that he is going make sure her life falls apart just like his.

Stefan goes to get on his motorcycle and it falls apart. Caroline tells him to go away or else. He says she is great at control and horrible at revenge. He reminds her that he tore off the director’s head with his teeth and she took a bolt off his bike.

Enzo asks Alaric if he has enough vervain to get Caroline and Stefan into the Salvatore cellar.

Caroline hears a sound and goes to check it out. It’s Stefan and he tells her he brought a peace offering. He throws a grenade at her then comes at her with a stake. She tells him to stop and he tells her to let go and it will feel good. She says she won’t let him ruin her life. He goes to stake her and she bites him and stabs him.

Alaric and Enzo have their weapons and head to get Caroline and Stefan. Enzo tells Alaric he has a whole revenge plan against Stefan and it doesn’t work with his humanity off.

Caroline is dragging Stefan down the hall when a girl asks if Stefan is okay. He gets up and throws a stake into the girl’s stomach. He tells her no saving strangers, but she smacks him down and tells the girl to run. She yells at Stefan when he hears a noise. They hide and then Alaric sees the bomb. Enzo moves them away before it blows.

Caroline checks on Alaric and Enzo and says they are still alive. Stefan says Damon must be busy if he sent them. He wants to kill them, but she grabs the gun and tells him to move away. Stefan says fine and walks away. She follows him into the girl’s room. He reminds her that he taught her to control her blood lust and he compels the girl to stand still and not scream as he bites her neck. Stefan says deep down they are the same and bites the girl again. Caroline’s hunger takes over and she joins him. She shoves the girl aside and pins Stefan to the wall.

Stefan and Caroline are in bed and she says his way is more fun.


Elena comes over and is upset they lost their chance to spark Caroline’s humanity since Stefan was her link to humanity. But then Damon tells Elena that his mom is stuck in a 1903 prison world. He tells her that she is a vampire and a ripper. Elena is shocked. Damon says Stefan always was a mama’s boy. He says they both loved her and she was their whole world. Elena wants to go get Lily to try to get Stefan back. Damon says maybe Bonnie can help. He goes to Bonnie and apologizes again and asks her to help.

Bonnie talks to Kai and asks about the 1903 Ascendant. He pulls it out of his pocket and says they don’t even need an event if Bonnie goes along.

Bonnie and Kai are ready, but Damon doesn’t want Elena to come along. But she ends up going back to 1903. Bonnie tells her to go ahead and find Lily while she and Kai look for the mirror of the Ascendant. Elena doesn’t want to leave Bonnie with Kai, but she says he has turned over a new leaf. Kai asks if Bonnie really believes his new leaf and she says no, but they need to find Lily.

Elena and Damon are in his home and she admires a baby photo of him, but he says its’s Stefan and shows her one of him. Lily shows up stunned. She says she had given up marking time. Elena tells her it has been a century. Damon says he would have stopped by but he thought she was dead. She tells him she died in a TB ward after a vampire nurse gave her blood. She was attacked by a coven of witches in 1903 and woke up in this place.

She says she is down to the last of her blood and has two drops a week to stay awake. She says she heard they turned during the war and he tells her that Stefan ripped their dad’s throat out. She says she hated that man and Damon says so much that she left her kids with him and went out and became a Ripper.

Kai tells Bonnie that his guilt keeps him up at night and begs her to give him a chance. He grabs her hand and demands she listen. He drew blood and feels bad and says he didn’t mean it. Bonnie says even if he is telling the truth the old him is still there.

Elena and Damon tell Lily that they need her to fix Stefan. She says she will alert the others. She brings them to meet some other vampires that are sitting around a table all dried up.

Elena asks about the other vampires. She says they were with her on the boat that night. Damon asks if they are rippers as well, but Lily says they saved her from that part of herself. Her friends sacrificed their rations for her and she learned to control her blood lust so she would have enough left to wake them. They made her feel human again. She goes to get the blood to revive them. Elena sees the Ascendant and asks why Bonnie isn’t there. Damon says Bonnie isn’t looking for the Ascendant.

Bonnie tells Kai that a part of her deep inside believes there is some good in him. He turns his back and she stabs him. She plans to leave him there until he wants to kill himself. Kai tells her he’s changed and she tells him she has too. She goes to stab him, but he magics himself away.

Damon tells Lily they are down a witch so they can’t take them all. Bonnie says they need to go. His mom doesn’t want to leave her friends. She goes to wake her companions, but Damon slaps the blood out of her hand. She says they are her family and he says Stefan is his. Bonnie starts the spell and they go back without Kai.

Kai staggers into the vampire cave and is terrified. He looks closely at them and one reaches out and grabs Kai by the neck.

Present Time

Lily tells Damon that the night of her funeral an angel did visit Stefan. She had just been turned and wanted to see her boys. She says she leaned down to whisper in Stefan’s ear and she heard his blood and wanted to attack so she left. He tells her to sleep. She asks when they are going back.

Damon catches Elena with the baby photo of him. She says she liked seeing that side of him, but Damon says Lily is just here to get Stefan back. They make out, but are interrupted by Bonnie. Elena goes to check on Alaric. Damon turns the water on and they agree they are not going back. Bonnie gives him a gift from 1994. It is the vampire cure. She says she knows he wanted it for Elena. Damon isn’t sure he wants it for her now. Bonnie says it is none of her business.