Four Hours and 42 Minutes

It has only been four hours and 42 minutes since Caroline’s mother’s funeral and Caroline has managed to clean out her dorm room and house before heading to a bar to get drunk. While at the bar she runs into Liam. She asks him if he wants to get out of here. Shortly after Caroline is feeding on him.

Bonnie’s Back

Elena is back at school trying to find Caroline when she finds out Bonnie is back. They toast to her return.┬áBonnie asks Elena not to tell Jeremy about her being back yet because his life is going back to normal and she doesn’t want to mess that up. Caroline shows up with a ton of shopping bags. Caroline barely acknowledges Bonnie before telling them about her make out session with Liam. She did bite him, but she didn’t kill him. After Liam got blood on her necklace she decided she wasn’t in the mood to drag a corpse through the woods. She offers Bonnie and Elena a deal: Leave her alone and she won’t kill anyone. But if they try to get her to turn her switch back on she will become their worst nightmare.

The Rave

Sarah Salvatore is at the coffee shop taking pictures of Enzo. He spots her and asks if she wants to join him by telling her he is rich, fast and strong. Sarah asks him what he is and he says he is a vampire. Enzo is concerned with the fact that Sarah is not worried about the vampire thing. But he is called away when Caroline invites him to a party that night.

Stefan goes to the hospital and finds Liam. He asks him about Caroline and finds out about a rave tonight. Stefan calls Elena to get to the party. Stefan plots with Elena before bringing Caroline a shot. Stefan tells Caroline how he really feels about her and begs her to come back. But Caroline is pissed and warns him he should not have done that.

Salvatore Mother

Damon has dug up his mother’s grave to find out if she was in the prison world or not. He opens it and sees it is empty which means his mother is in the prison world and is probably a vampire. Damon turns to Kai to send him back to 1903, but Kai wants to apologize to Bonnie in exchange.

Bonnie is uncomfortable being around so many people and is happy to get a call from Damon. But Damon is calling to ask about Kai. As soon as he starts to talk about Kai, Bonnie gets angry. Damon tells Kai that the apology thing isn’t going to work, but Kai tells Damon that his mom was captured in NYC in 1903, Damon needs to know what the truth is. Damon shows up at the rave and surprises her with Kai. Kai apologizes, but Bonnie can’t help but remember everything he did to her in the prison world and tells him off. Damon tries to apologize, but Bonnie is done for the night and makes him feel all the things Kai did to her in the prison world.

Bonnie goes back to her room and Damon returns home. Kai says he won’t help Damon bring his mom back because she is a ripper. She turned into a vampire in 1858, faked her death and killed her way through Europe. The Gemini Coven stopped her in New York after she had killed about 3,000 people.

Bonnie calls Jeremy to say she is back, but that she needs to figure herself out. Once she does that she will visit him.

Humanity Switches Off

Outside the rave, Caroline finds Liam and grabs him before running into Enzo. She solves the Sarah problem, Stefan compelled her not to care about anything having to do with vampires, and grabs Enzo’s phone.

Stefan tells Elena that he has found Caroline’s emotional trigger and he thinks he can get her back. Caroline calls to tell him that she has Sarah and she is going to kill her. Caroline is making margaritas when Stefan and Elena walk in. Sarah isn’t at the place, but instead with Liam and Caroline has compelled him to perform surgery on her. Caroline says she knows that Stefan is the one who can bring her back so she wants him to flip his switch to save Sarah. Stefan says no and asks Liam where he is. He’s at Whitmore Medical so Elena goes off to find them just as Caroline tells Liam to remove Sarah’s heart.

Elena is racing around trying to find them, but Caroline gives the order to kill Sarah. Stefan tells Elena to bring him back and he flips his switch. Elena finally finds Liam and gives Sarah her blood. She calls Stefan back and finds out he has already switched.