Enchanted Forest

Snow and Charming ride to their castle. Snow says they have to deal with the Evil Queen. They find their guards are knocked out and think it is Regina, but it turns out it is Maleficent.

She introduces Cruella and Ursula and tells them they are here to make a deal. They tell them that Regina stole the curse from Maleficent. They tell them about the Tree of Wisdom and how it can tell them how to defeat the Queen and the curse, but it will only answer to two of the most valiant heroes. Snow and Charming agree they have no choice, but agree to go along.

Charming tells the villains they can’t cross the bridge with them so they suggest they use their swords. But they notice Maleficent is missing and a dragon appears and attacks.

Charming and Snow sneak away and go to the tree on their own. They ask the tree how to stop the evil queen’s curse, but it doesn’t answer. Maleficent shows up and says Snow and Charming must not be as valiant as they thought.

Maleficent wants to figure out why the tree didn’t answer. And she realizes that Snow is pregnant and that that just because they are heroes doesn’t mean their child will be. Since the child is the product of true love they have the potential for either good or darkness.

Later Snow wakes up to find Maleficent in her house. She says they have something n common that the other villains won’t understand. She tells Snow she is pregnant and they can work together to defeat Regina and save their babies. Snow tells her she won’t work with her because she wants to protect her baby from becoming like her.


Cruella and Ursula are in Granny’s waiting for food. Regina comes in and they ask her to get Granny to serve them and brings up some of the old evil things she used to do. Regina sends Henry off and tells them not to bring up the past in front of Henry or she will kick them out.

Snow and Charming ask her how they are going to get them out of town. Regina says they don’t have to worry about them.

Emma and Hook are walking to the diner as Cruella and Ursula are walking out. Ursula calls Hook by his real name, Killian, which surprises Emma. Charming tells Emma they have to follow the villains.

The Box

The villains go to Gold’s shop, but Belle doesn’t want to help. They congratulate her on defeating the Dark One. Ursula’s tentacle sneaks into the back and grabs a box. Belle asks what they want and Cruella says they are looking for a hood ornament for her car. They leave and text Rumple they have it. We see Rumple is already in the cave where Maleficent was trapped and died.

Emma and Charming follow Cruella and Urusla as they leave Rumple’s shop. Emma says that Belle has found a box missing. Charming pulls Cruella over and searches the car. He finds a secret compartment and finds a bottle of something. But he says he didn’t find anything and asks Emma to take him home. He shows Snow what he found and she knows it meant a lot to Maleficent. They know they are trying to bring Maleficent back so they have to get rid of her remains so they can’t.

Hook brings food to Emma and she asks how he knows Ursula and he lies that he doesn’t remember, but she presses on. He refuses and she continues to work on the missing box case. She sees her parents packing up supplies and shows them the footage of the villains with the box. They tell her they are going for a hike and that they need to give the villains a chance.

Author Search

Regina goes back to her office where Henry is going through the book for clues. He says she doesn’t look fine with the new villainsĀ in town. She says they remind her of when she was a villian and she is doubting if her happy ending is even possible.

She goes to eat a donut and some of the crumbs fall on the book. As she wipes them off she notices Pinocchio’s story has different paper. She says if August put pages in the book he might know something.

Regina brings in Pinocchio and asks if he remembers anything about the book. Emma shows up and Regina says he can’t remember anything but she was hoping Emma might be able to jog August’s mind. She asks if Pinocchio remembers her. Regina gets mad and insults Pinocchio. Emma takes Pinocchio out and Gepetto asks why Regina thinks she deserves a happy ending. She reminds him that he lied to get August to this world with Emma and he says it was because of her curse in the first place.

Later Regina goes to Gepetto and apologizes. He is moved and gives her everything August had brought with him when he was an adult and wishes her luck.

Bringing Maleficent Back

Charming and Snow are in the tunnels and find Maleficent’s ashes. Ursula and Cruella show up and knocks them out. Rumple shows up and hands Cruella a knife and says she knows what to do. She slices each of their hands and their blood lands on Maleficent’s ashes. They tell them what they stole was just a ruse to get them here. They needed the blood of the two that wronged her the most. A dragon appears in the ashes and then Maleficent is there.

Maleficent says she won’t hurt anyone and she doesn’t care about their secret. She only cares about their pain. Charming tells Snow they need to tell Emma.

Hook comes to Emma. She says she knows he is keeping something from her, but that it is okay that he has a secret, but not that he is lying. Hook says his history with Ursula was ugly. She asks if he broke her heart, but he says it’s worse. Emma says it won’t change how she feels about him. She says she doubted her parents today when they lied to her about hiking. We see Snow and Charming overhear everything. She tells Hook that he can tell her the secret on his own time and she will see the best in him like her parents taught her.

They see Charming and Snow and they tell Emma that Maleficent was back and they are at war now. Snow says because they are villains and they are the heroes.


Snow meets with Regina outside of town and tells her Maleficent is back. She says Regina needs to get in with them and find out what is going on. Regina says they won’t welcome her back now that they think she is good, but Snow says she needs to. She confides what she did to make Maleficent hate her so much. As Snow launches into her speech we see Henry going through August’s items and finding a picture of a door that might lead to the author. She tells Regina that Emma was born with the potential for great darkness and they took the steps needed to make sure she would never be evil. They don’t want Emma to know this secret because she is finally opening her heart.

Rumple is lurking around town and looks into the window of the pawn shop and sees Belle kiss Will and is stunned. Maleficent puts the totem they stole back together and we see it is a baby’s rattle.

Regina says she doesn’t understand what she did to Maleficent. Because of Snow and Charming, Maleficent lost her child.