Sex Criminals might be the last comic book I would ever expect to see hit television. However, it looks like that might be happening. Matt Fraction and his wife Kelly Sue DeConnick have come to an agreement with Universal TV to bring some of their comics and also some original properties and Deadline reports that Sex Criminals is the first out the gate.

For those who have never picked it up, it features two people – Suzie, a librarian, and Jon, an actor. When the sleep together, they realize that time freezes at the moment that they orgasm. Like any sane people would do, they decide to use this unique talent to freeze time and rob a bank. However, they soon discover that other people have the same power and that is when things get interesting.

The big problem here is that Sex Criminals needs the sex acts to carry the plot, and that means network TV is out of the question. Not even cable networks like FX will be able to do this properly, so this is something that might need to go to someone like HBO or Showtime. Even then, it needs to be done right for it to match up to the books.

This is just the start as well, and really only their creator owned works are eligible. So, outside of Sex Criminals, that includes stuff like Casanova by Fraction and Pretty Deadly from DeConnick. Honestly, I’d love to see some of Fraction’s work hit the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a solo-Hawkeye movie, but that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.