Back in 2010, Josh Hutcherson was interested in playing Peter Parker in the new Sony reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man. He lost out on the role to Andrew Garfield, and that actually worked out well for all involved. Garfield went on to be fantastic in the role and Hutcherson went on to star in the Hunger Games franchise.

With The Hunger Games starting to wind down, and Sony/Marvel planning to re-cast Spider-Man when the two join forces to implant him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe of films, Hutcherson’s name has come up again.

And, he is interested.

“Yeah, of course I’d think about doing it,” Hutcherson told Yahoo Movies. “It’s Spider-Man, that’d be really cool. There’s not been any conversations about that, but who knows what would happen?

He could be really good in the role as well. While I consider Andrew Garfield a massive improvement over Tobey Maguire, who was too mopey for my taste, a lot of people hated Garfield for the same reasons. Hutcherson fits right in between the two actors and should carry the confidence of Garfield with the awkwardness of Maguire.

Now, this in no way means that Josh Hutcherson will get cast in the new Spider-Man movies, but he was on the shortlist before, and might warrant a look now. In the new movies, they are taking Peter Parker back to high school, so Hutcherson might be too old at 22, but he is an interesting option.

My top choice is still Logan Lerman, who was really good in the Percy Jackson movies, although Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) might be a nice choice as well. Casting on Spider-Man should come soon, as he is supposed to possibly appear in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.