The Deadpool movie is one year away and Ryan Reynolds graced us with a look at the Deadpool mask last week. Now, the Hollywood Reporter brings us some casting news and also dropped in the fact that a popular member of the X-Men will appear in the Deadpool movie as well.

The casting news is that former UFC fighter Gina Carano will appear in the movie as a character called Angel Dust. In the comics, Angel Dust was part of the Morlocks, a mutant with the power to supercharge her adrenaline and giver herself super strength. Carano should fit that description perfectly.

It is unclear when the Deadpool movie will take place, as it will hit shortly before the next X-Men movie, which takes place in the 80s. This is curious because the Morlocks are outcasts and often mutated mutants who live underground in tunnels under the cities. In the comics, many of the Morlocks were slaughtered in the Mutant Massacre. Angel Dust survived but she lost her powers after M-Day, when Scarlet Witch said “No More Mutants.”

The other news is that Colossus will appear in the Deadpool movie. Of course, Colossus had a small role in X-Men 2, when he helped young mutants escape from Stryker’s attack, and was played by Daniel Cudmore. There is no word yet on whether he will return to the role, but he gave the always interesting comment of “I can’t comment..”