This week we start with a flashback to the day that Elena’s parents died. Liz is at work when she gets a call about the accident at Wickery Bridge. In the present day Liz is cleaning out her office and she decides to open up her box of ongoing cases and decides to finish up some unfinished business. She calls Damon since she suspects he was behind some of the cases.

Damon and Elena are busy compelling Jeremy’s principal to let him graduate despite his attendance and lack of good grades. As a goodbye gift Damon gives Jeremy some weed from Jo’s stash.

Jeremy later hangs with Matt and Alaric at the grill. The party gets interrupted when Enzo calls Matt with a surprise. Sarah Salvatore walks in and tells Matt she is here because she was hired to take some photos for the Grill.

Unfinished Business

Damon helps Liz solve a bunch of her unsolved cases since most of them were him. But one of them he had nothing to do with–the Wickery Bridge accident. Liz plays him the voicemail that Miranda left her two hours before and Damon says he will help solve it.

Liz asks Damon why he and Stefan were in town around the time of the accident and Damon tells her that it was around the time his mother died. He would return to town and put flowers on her grave if his emotions were on.

Liz tells him there were no skid marks and the route choice was strange and that there was luggage in the trunk. Damon suggests they bring Elena in. But Elena is busy getting stoned with her brother. She wants to have a normal moment with her brother which means getting high and reminiscing about their tragic life.

Damon finally gets Elena and she heads over to meet with Liz. Once she is gone Jeremy is stepped on by Enzo. He uses Jeremy as bait so Matt will take Sarah to some tunnel along the river. Once there, Matt and Sarah talk about the nudes that Matt saw earlier. She explains they were taken by her roommate for an art class. But then Enzo runs Matt over with a car just so he can feed him his blood and freak Sarah out.

Elena is given the information about the accident and says she doesn’t remember anything. She was texting Bonnie when it happened, but she agrees to ask Jeremy. Jeremy says that their mom called the Sheriff so she would scare Jeremy whom she had caught smoking pot for the first time. And when the rest of the accident is explained (it was wet from a storm, that’s why there were no skid marks; and their dad was planning a surprise trip that the storm derailed hence the luggage), Liz must accept it was really just an accident. After she nearly collapses, Damon takes her home.

Friends to Something More

Caroline and Stefan spend most of the episode preparing a surprise for Liz. They are setting up the old cabin for her last days. Stefan gets to work fixing wires, but Caroline is clearly still pining for him in a romantic way. She believes he is only there because her mother asked, but he insists he wants to be there.

She decides to open some booze and freaks out over what book she should live on her mom’s bedside because it might be the last thing she will read. Stefan calms her down and says he will handle it.

Later on, Caroline and Stefan have a moment on the porch. Stefan tells her that it doesn’t matter what book is on the nightstand because life isn’t about your final moments, it’s about the moments that led up to them. Caroline knows, but she needs to have some control. Stefan takes her hand and tells her he knows. Caroline pulls herself back by telling him that she knows he is only there because Liz asked. He tells her that she is his friend and he knows what it is like to lose a mother. Plus he tells her that when she told him she hated him it was the worst thing he had heard in a long time. He brushes her hair and then Stefan looks at Caroline in a different way. With the sun in the background, they kiss. It’s slow and delicate just like their friendship.

Goodbye Jeremy

Jeremy says he should delay leaving for Liz, but Elena convinces him that he should’ve left years ago. She hugs him goodbye and that he should expect an SUV size package from her in a few days and then Alaric takes him to the airport. Which is actually a bus station where Alaric give shim his vampire hunting tools. He found a town nearby Santa Fe where there have been animal attacks. Jeremy is off to be a vampire hunter. Alaric promises to call him if Bonnie comes back.

Goodbye Liz

After Liz gets into bed, she breaks down to Damon. She has lived a good life and did everything right. He tells her that sometimes bad things happen to great people. She does find peace in the fact that she is one of the few people who died an ordinary death in Mystic Falls. After Damon agrees to write Liz’s eulogy (he missed his chance with his mom), Liz is rushed to the hospital.

Caroline shows up freaking out that she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mom, but Liz is stable and Stefan knows how they can be together in Liz’s final moments. Grabbing her mom’s hand, Caroline meets up with her mom in Liz’s memory of the day she taught Caroline to ride a bike. Surrounded by her friends, Caroline cries as Liz passes away.