This week’s episode showed us more about Dylan’s new job, Norman’s mental state, and just how far Norma would go to protect her son.  The book that Norman found which intrigued Emma also rendered more of a story that they continued to investigate.  Another eventful episode this week from Bates Motel continues to show us more about the characters and various stories as they intertwine.

The Breakdown

The job that Dylan accepted by simply saying he knows how to use a gun interconnected with Norman and Emma’s adventure last week.  His new job was to guard the marijuana fields found by the teenagers in last week’s episode.  Dylan seemed to be fine with his new position although he asked his coworker many questions about the field and who it owned it.

Emma continued to be enthralled with the story behind the book that Norman found in the motel.  Although she expressed her fear of being tracked down by the guards that chased them, she wanted to continue their investigation.  Norman got very upset with her persistence and ran off to class.

As Norman attempted to concentrate on his school work, he began to have visions of the girl from the book.  These visions become mixed with visions of his teacher in the same positions as the girl in the book.  Just as his teacher tried to ask Norman if he was okay, he passed out falling into her arms.

Norman then ended up in the hospital subject to a barrage of tests to find out what caused his blackout. Norma assured the doctor that Norman has never blacked out before.

When Norma arrived back at the hotel, she was surprised by a team of police officers led by Sheriff Romero with a search warrant.  After hearing the news of the search, Norman confessed to his mother that he had been hiding Keith Summers’ tool belt under his bed.  Norman could not answer his mother as to why he kept it.

After another flip-out from Norman, Emma persuaded him to visit the motel room where the book was found.  Emma then found a Chinese symbol under the bathroom sink of the room.  She later discovered that this symbol “Jiao” translated to “beautiful”.

Desperate for help, Norma sought out Deputy Shelby.  He invited her to dinner and told her that he found the tool belt, but no one else knew about it.  He explained that he wanted to help her and Norman and then the two exchanged a very passionate kiss (ew).  Once Norman heard about the belt he was disturbed.  He did not want his mother to have to do things she does not want to, in order to keep the secret.  It was obvious that Norma would do whatever it took to save her son, but still pondered his keeping the belt as it was a reminder of a terrible experience.

Dylan discovered that Norman did not recall the attack on him with the meat tenderizer.  Norman did not appear to remember any of that incident.  The brothers actually shared a moment and civil conversation.

While Norman was in bed that night, he spoke to his mother sitting at the end of his bed.  He told her again that he did not like her position with the deputy.  He was afraid of the power it may hold over her, like his father.  He then told her that he knew what he needed to do.  However, as the camera panned back out to the room, Norma was not there.  Did Norman experience another vision?

Norman then walked to Deputy Shelby’s house in search of the belt.  Instead, he found a sexy bed-setting with a video camera in the basement.  A different room led him to another bed-scene except this one included a young, Chinese girl.  She asked Norman to help her.  Just then, the deputy made his way home.

The Analysis

This episode of Bates Motel provided a little less action but more information than last week.  We are learning more about Norman and his mental state each week.  We are also learning how his mother will do anything to protect him, which I think we probably already knew.  The question is; what all is Norma protecting Norman from?  I am sure there will be more developing on that front.

It was not surprising to find out that Dylan would be guarding the marijuana field.  But, the way it all plays out to include several families from town should get interesting.

The story that Norman and Emma are working to completely uncover made me wonder in the beginning of the point to it.  It could just be another kick to the townspeople.  But, to work it into the story with Deputy Shelby is thought-provoking if what Norman saw was really there.  Was he having more visions or did he really find a girl in the deputy’s basement?

I still think this show has a lot of potential.  It really gives us a fascinating way to look at the life of Norman Bates as a young man.  Do you agree?