When Neill Blomkamp directed District 9, it looked like a new, fresh and exciting face was joining the ranks of sci-fi directors. Blomkamp’s second movie, Elysium, had some great ideas but it seemed to have higher aspirations than the movie eventually possessed.

Well, his next movie is Chappie, a movie about artificial intelligence and the fear that it will one day threaten humanity. However, in this movie, it is the AI that becomes the sympathetic character with the humans as the great evil.

The new Chappie trailer is out and, honestly, this trailer has caused me to doubt the movie for the first time. Everytime I hear Chappie talk (voiced by Sharlito Copley), I start to hear Jar Jar Binks and that is never good. I just hope that his voice doesn’t ruin the movie for me. Of course, there is also the fear that the movie will be too forumlatic, and the fact that Hugh Jackman appears to be playing an antagonist here makes me wonder if they will settle for the typical ending where Chappie saves him and he changes his view on robots.


Anyway, it was nice seeing Sigourney Weaver back in a sci-fi movie, and as a villain this time around. Check out the new Chappie trailer below and let us known in the comments if you fear intelligent robots.