There were a lot of complaints about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, complaints which made little sense to me (read my Amazing Spider-Man 2 review here). Yes, there were some problems with the movie, with the story of Peter’s parents being the most interesting mystery and just flying through in the movie. Also, Harry Osborne and his becoming The Green Goblin was rushed through, killing a good performance by Dane DeHaan. The complaints were enough to possible kill The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

However, the movie did a lot of things right as well. Andrew Garfield is a thousand times better as Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire was. I don’t want to see a mopey Peter Parker, I want to see a wisecracking Spider-Man and Garfield brought fun back to the Spider-Man franchise. I also thought Gwen Stacey’s death was handled well.

When the Sony hack scandal occurred and the emails were released, it appeared that the Amazing Spider-Man franchise was dead and Marvel was in talks to use the character in Captain America: Civil War. This might have been great for Civil War because, while the battle was between Captain America and Iron Man, Spider-Man is who the readers really identified with. He was the heart of the battle.

But, Spider-Man is not in Marvel movies and adding him wouldn’t have worked as well since the emails claimed that Marvel wanted to start over fresh and dump Garfield.

Thank God that won’t happen, because Andrew Garfield needs to remain Spider-Man. There were also rumors that Sony fired Garfield because he was critical of how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was made and he made some claims that the original script was butchered and pasted back together, which would explain why the movie felt rushed and disappointed a lot of people.

According to a recent casting call, Sony is looking for extras for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and both Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan are listed as the movie’s stars. This means that the movie is already starting to shoot or is getting ready to start.

How this will affect the rumored the Sinister Six movie, which was supposed to come out next, is unknown. With nothing known about Sinister Six starting filming, and casting underway for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, it seems like it will come next and the Sony emails might just be red herrings.