A 21 Jump Street Men in Black movie.

I know what you’re thinking. Am I hallucinating? Is this real life? Well, the real answer is… Absolutely!

That’s right folks! We don’t even know if you’re tripping out or not… Because Sony apparently has decided to perform Inception on every single one of us today.

In the latest leak from the Sony-gate situation, it is reported that in order to salvage the Men in Black franchise, Sony wanted to crossover that universe with that of 21 Jump Street. Why? Because Men in Black has aliens and 21 Jump Street has Ice Cube. Makes sense? Exactly!

Also, it gets even better! I know what you’re thinking… No way? Hell yes! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not expected to reprise their roles in this crossover. Wait, what?

So, this is a crossover with Men in Black, minus the main stars. Confused yet?

As of right now, nothing is confirmed if this will actually take place, but what it does show is Sony might be desperate right now. This is a studio that reported recently that an Aunt May spin-off was in the works after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Someone help these guys because they must be out of ideas. That or we are all stuck with Cobb in dreamland and that stupid top is still spinning.

Source: THR