Jax burns all things SamCro, such as photos, JT’s manuscript, and the journals he’s been keeping. He then goes to the graveyard and leaves his SO ON rings on Opie’s grave, and his wedding ring on Tara’s.

They patch in TO, from the Grim Bastards. Afterwards they head to the 9ers meet with Conner, but he shows up early, and they go on a huge chase which ends with the Sons wiping out. They get Connor’s right hand mand, and have him set up a meet. He shows up, they kill the Irish who are after him, and use him as the gun supply for the Mayans.

Jax tells Nero all of his business plans, giving Wendy the house, and auto-garage. He wants them to go to the farm, or wherever else, just not Charming. He then tells him he’s leaving, and wants his kids to know who he truly was. A criminal, a killer. A bad person.

The Sheriff shows up to Red Woodie, and tells Chibbs that it’s all off. The pay-offs, the relationship, everything. He tells her that cops who get on the wrongside of the Sons, don’t last.

Jax takes a meeting with the DA, tells her the truth about Tara’s death, and where to find the bodies of Gemma & Uncer. He then tells the DA that at the end of the day, all the violence will be over in Charming.

The club all vote for Jax to meet Mr. Mayhem.

Jax walks into Baraski’s coffee shop and shoots him in the face, point blank. Afterwards, he hides outside the courthouse, posing as a bum, and kills Marks as he walks out.

Jax meets with the crew, they wound Happy to make it look like he attempted to dole out Mayhem, only to have Jax escape, and then Jax rides off. He arrives at the place his father died, and talks to him. A cop arrives, at which point Jax takes shots at him, and drives off with the cop giving chase. We get clips of everyone going on with their lives, as Jax flies down the highway. Finally, he lets go of the handle bars, closes his eyes, and drives head-on into an on coming semi-truck that’s being driven by Michael Chiklis. The lead of Sutter’s first show killing the lead of his second. Well done.

Including the Anarchy Afterward, this episode ran 3 hours. If we cut that and commercials, we got about 80 minutes of screen time. Honestly, this episode didn’t need that much, as 20-30 would have worked. The episode was decent, and ended like I thought it would. Everything got a bow put on it, and wrapped up nicely. I just wish we would have had a 10-20 years later scene to see how everything has shaped up.

All in all, Sons of Anarchy is a damn good show, but only for seasons 1-5. The last two just seemed to drag a bit, and as the cast was dwindled down, we lost some of the more interesting, and diverse characters. Some of the lighter aspects of the show, the great humor that was infused throughout was simply gone, and now we simply had a show that was just ice-cold serious, which can get tedious. Ironically, that’s exactly what happened to The Shield.

Regardless, it’s a damn fine show that’ll be in the HOF some day and mentioned in the same breath as Sopranos, Dexter, and Breaking Bad as we look back at truly the golden age of TV.