Firstly, how much did your involvement on True Blood boost your profile. Has it directly led to bigger and better things?  

Working on True Blood was an incredible experience and an opportunity that has definitely opened up many doors for me in the industry.

Has being involved in something so well-written and, for lack of a better word, ‘classy’, made you pickier?  Do you select more carefully now? 

I think every quality project an actor is involved in makes them pickier to some extent.  I have always tried to be relatively selective, but yes, being a part of a show as iconic as True Blood has definitely made the process easier.

Altergiest is a horror movie – but it’s not your normal horror movie. Is that what appealed to you about it?

Very much so.  I’m a fan of the genre, however, I feel like I keep seeing the same thing over and over again.  Altergeist twists the genre by incorporating elements that will also satiate the sci-fi fans and movie goers that like to think.  It goes beyond making you scared, it makes you wonder.  When I read the script, what immediately drew me in was that it was the ghosts that were afraid.  What created that fear, what created their demise when they were human, these questions kept me turning the pages.

Where was that winery? Is it a real, operating winery?

It’s located in Northern California in Guerneville.  King’s Ransom is a brand of Korbel.  The producer actually created that Pinot Noir.

How did you celebrate the DirecTV launch of the film? Did you check it out? Was wine- appropriately – involved?

The celebration happened before the launch, to be honest.  The filmmakers made the deal while in Cannes.

Are you an actress that can easily watch herself on screen? I know many can’t. 

I can as long as I’m proud of the project and my performance— I am definitely proud of Altergeist.

Having done a few supernatural-type movies now, are you looking for something different next?

I love the genre and would like to do more.  Even a sequel if that was in the future.  True Blood, Black Swan, intense dramas with vivid characters are always so fun.  I’m doing a period piece drama next.

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