Welcome to this week’s Renegade Staff Picks. With the release, and number one box office finish for Dumb and Dumber To, we are going to look at the dumbest characters from movies. This doesn’t just mean a character who makes dumb decisions, although it could, but it could also be a character who is so dumb you can’t help but love them.

With no further ado, here we go…


The Characters from The Evil Dead (2013)

Derek Johns – While most of the characters here end up doing some pretty boneheaded things once the fun starts, Eric in particular reached some pretty epic levels of idiocy. You might think finding a suspicious book in a room full of rotting animal corpses would be enough to convince this guy not to read from it. Nope. Or that the book is wrapped in barbed wire? Of course not. How about pages in the book itself literally begging him not to read it? Yeah right. Considering Cabin in the Woods lampooned this kind of crap only a year before makes this even more inexcusable.


The Characters from the start of Idiocracy

Caliber Winfield – I think I know why there’s only one response thus far, heh. This is a hard topic to come up with an answer for. The Morons From The Beginning of Idiocracy – Personally, I don’t like the movie, and a good reason for that is because I can’t stand stupid people and that movie was packed with them. However, in the beginning of the film we get a perfect example of what stupid people do, and how their speices perpetuates so well. One of my all time moments in film, and something that should be mandate viewing in school once you reach puberty.


Jar Jar Binks

Ruby Le Rouge – I’m surprised no one has brought up jar jar binks



Derek Ciapala – Jar Jar Binks? No….But I will stay in the prequel trilogy. Why on earth would Padme run to the now turned to the dark side Anakin Skywalker on a molten planet when she knows he just killed a bunch of kids? Why on earth would she even hook up with a dude much younger than her, who happens to be socially and emotionally unstable? She’s the biggest moron in the Star Wars series.


Bella Swan from Twilight

Bethany Lewis – Because nothing says strong female character like a woman who makes all her decisions based on a man who is the only thing that gives her life meaning.



Navin from The Jerk

Shawn S. Lealos – “I was born a poor black child,” said Navin, a character portrayed by the very white Steve Martin in the comedy The Jerk. Look, there are dumb characters and then there is Navin, a guy who is so clueless and so inept that he has no chance of surviving life without a huge amount of dumb luck. Steve Martin had perfected the clueless idiot at this point in his career, and no one has ever done it better than he did in The Jerk.