Welcome to this week’s Renegade Weekend Box Office Wrap Up. From here out, this column will hit live every Monday morning with the final box office numbers for the weekend and a look at what rose and what failed at the theaters over the weekend.

The big comedy sequel Dumb and Dumber To had a tough road ahead, with both the very popular Big Hero 6 and awe-inspiring Interstellar still in theaters and 20 years passed since the original Dumb and Dumber played to audiences. It didn’t matter as Dumb and Dumber To won the weekend with a $38.05 million take, Jim Carrey’s biggest movie opening since 2003 (Bruce Almighty).

Word-of-mouth is what is required to help push it to a success, though. A very similar sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which opened to a similar five-day weekend opening number ($39.5 million) but only finished with $127 million domestically.

Big Hero 6 only fell 36 percent and finished its second weekend with $36.05 million. The drop is more than Wreck-It Ralph but comparable with MegamindBig Hero 6 is now sitting at $111.7 million, and $148.3 million worldwide. Interstellar finished in third with $29.2 million, a 39 percent drop in its second week. It has earned $97.8 million and should play strong throughout the holiday season.

Beyond the Lights was the other big movie opening this weekend and finished in fourth place with $6.5 million, a huge drop from the third place Interstellar.

Here is a look at the total weekend box office report.

Weekend Box Office

Position Title Weekend Total
1 Dumb and Dumber To $38.0M $38.0M
2 Big Hero 6 (1) $36.0 $111.6
3 Interstellar (2) $29.1 $97.8
4 Beyond the Lights $6.5 $6.5
5 Gone Girl (3) $4.6 $152.6
6 St. Vincent (6) $4.0 $33.2
7 Fury (5) $3.8 $75.9
8 Nightcrawler (7) $3.0 $25.0
9 Ouija (4) $3.0 $48.1
10 Birdman (11) $2.4 $11.5

Weekend box office estimates courtesy of Box Office Mojo