The most dangerous person in the world is in Washington D.C. Lizzie. Guess what “WE” have to do…

Well this episode is a lot different than most of the episodes. Therefore I will give a different recap of it. The episode starts out with flashbacks of Lizzie and Tom. These flashbacks are of when Lizzie did not kill Tom after Red asked. It shows Lizzie talking Tom to the boat that he is now being held captive in and all of the troubles that Lizzie had getting him on the boat.

Present day

A man comes to check on the boat. Long story short Tom kills the man because he is in the way. Lizzie struggles the entire episode with what to do with Tom. As if Tom even had to tell Lizzie that he is going to have to let him go or kill him. Being a recapper of The Blacklist, Scandal, Boardwalk Empire (finale season) and somewhat Hannibal. Even I know that you have to kill ALL witnesses. But Lizzie is not the brightest FBI agent at the Post Office and lets Tom go. The reason behind this is so that she can get to Berlin.

Guess whos NOT coming to dinner

We pick up with Red, Berlin and Zoe. Still at the same hidden criminal hangout. Red asks Berlin to explain what happened. Why does he think that he killed his daughter? Which is now standing in front of him. Berlin tells a tale about a bombing in Russia 20 years ago. Red puts two and two together and finds out that the person that gave the order for the bombing was the Decembrist. Who just happens to be Alan Alda. Whom we forgot was on this show. Berlin wants revenge. However Red tries to protect Fitch (Alda). Berlin is still a man on a mission. His mission is to kill Fitch.

Blacklist filler. That will be explained in 2017

While the FBI does there finest job of transporting Fitch to a safer place. In classic Blacklist fashion. Every target that gets moved. Is a target that gets captured. Berlin has Fitch kidnapped. Berlin places a square high tech doggie collar bomb around Fitch’s neck. The next 20 minutes are spent with the FBI trying to dismantle the bomb. After they recover Fitch with Tom’s help

Fitch finally gives in. He tells the last of the men that were trying to dismantle the bomb to leave. Fitch has had 763 men, women and children killed. He doesn’t want to make that number 1 more. Fitch asks for Red. He asks Red if he has the Fulcrum. Which we have no idea what that is. He also tells Red that his death with cause a series of events. Knowing this show, these events will be smeared somewhere within the 2nd half of season 2. When we will have no idea what they mean. Fitch finally tells Red about a safe in Florida. He gives Red the combination and BOOM. Fitch is dead.

Red uses Zoe again in order to get to Berlin. Berlin and Zoe are having the most uncomfortable lunch in the world. Red then pops in and takes over. He gives Zoe money, a plane ticket and a passport to get away from Berlin. Red takes Berlin somewhere to have a few shots to celebrate their victory. Then Red decides to kill Berlin.

Red then meets with Tom. He hands Tom an envelope and tells him never to see Lizzie again ever. Tom agrees. He also mentions that even though he was on the boat for 4 months he never told Lizzie about the arrangement that he and Red had…have…whatever.

What the Heck???

I could be wrong but didn’t NBC promise that this finale would be exiting? That we would have answers. This show is a letdown of it’s own promos at times. This was one of the worst episodes ever. It seemed to be about 22 minutes long. Fitch, the only person not named Red, who was interesting, was killed off. Lizzie let Tom go. Possibility because she is and always will be weak or just because the audience may actually like Tom (more than Lizzie). I will admit Tom is a watchable character. That’s more that I can say for Lizzie, New Malik, Ressler and a host of others.

This season has been a complete wreck. I don’t know if it is because of Spader’s commitment to Ultron or what but this show has missed, several times this season. They cast Mary Louise-Parker, Kristen Ritter and Paul Reubens and misused all of them. Ritter’s character should have played out over a few episodes because she is that good. While Reubens and Louise-Parker stole every scene they were in but got little screen time. I sincerely hope that with Spader fulfilling his Marvel obligations this show can get back on track. Which will be even harder to do after an almost 3 month hiatus and a switch in time slots to go up against Scandal, good luck Blacklist.