The love triangle that still is

Olivia is swimming in a lane at the pool. She gets to the end of the lane, takes off her goggles. Olivia sees her father standing at the end of the pool standing over her. He tells Olivia to wake up. Olivia was dreaming, not only about that. She was dreaming about the “relationship” that she had with Jake and Olivia. That is actually putting it mildy. There were back and forth, cutscenes of shots with Olivia sleeping with Jake. Then another cut scene of Olivia having sex with Fitz. Olivia wakes up from her wet dream screaming. Abby is at her apartment in order to comfort her.

Death of a (fictional) president

Fitz is sitting outside of the White House. He is in Mellies spot, in a robe and slippers just like Mellie was in previous episodes. Mellie comes to tell Fitz that she is going to finish the planning of a funeral. Fitz, seemingly detached from reality. Has no idea who died. Mellie tells him that former president Edward Cooper died. Cooper (in a charater set-up as former president Ronald Reagan) was a former president that died. President Cooper was shot while heading to the car (in every way similar to Reagan). Cooper, after the attempted assassination went on to become the model for presidents to come and is proclaimed super president.

The man who was charged with the assignation of Cooper was named Lenard Conahan. Conahan asks for Olivia’s help. Olivia goes to see him in prison. Conahan proclaims his innocence still after 30 years. He tells Olivia that he was set up. He tells her that the bullet that was used to shoot the president did not come from his gun. Conahan tells Olivia that this bullet was never put through ballistics because the bullet is still lodged in Cooper. Conahan tells Olivia that he was set up. A journal of his was found with writing containing his plan to kill Cooper. Conahan explains that the handwriting experts that were used to verify Conahan’s handwriting were DOJ. Conahan maintains his innocence.

Olivia goes back to the office. She has Huck and Quinn pull everything that they can on Conahan. Upon further review Huck and Quinn believe that Conahan may be telling them truth. Huck thinks that there may be legitimacy to Conahan story. Olivia decides to take the case.


Abby approaches Fitz about what happened to Olivia. She steps way over the line asking Fitz about Jake’s situation. She wants to know if Jake is in a real prison. Not one of B6-13 holes in the middle of a cornfield. She wants to know if he has been read his rights, being treated like a human being and if he is getting 3 square meals a day. Fitz calls her Gabby intentionally. He also tells her to fuck off, but not being as harsh. Abby just wants Fitz to tell Olivia about Jake and where he is.

The Mole

Cyrus is still free falling for his boy toy. Cyrus offers to put him up in a decent apartment, buy him a cell phone and take him shopping. While Cyrus goes to take a shower. Boy toy goes throught Cyrus’ phone. He tells Liz, the plan to close down 6 military bases. Liz takes this information to Mellie to confirm if it is true. Mellie stands by her man and does not buy into what Liz is selling.

Mellie goes to meet the widow of Cooper, (Bitsy Cooper). After Mrs. Cooper tells Mellie to take a back seat. She tells Mellie that Edward couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. She is playing into Mellie’s emotions as Mellie is going through the same thing. Later on Mellie and Bitsy actually get to talk. Bitsy tells Mellie that she was the one who was running the country. She tells Mellie that (Cooper) had ADD, this was before anyone knew of such a disease. She was busy secretly running the country while Cooper was nailing everything that moved. Mrs. Cooper is resentful that she got no credit. While Cooper will be remembered as a great American president, she will be remembered as a woman who married a man who did something with his life.

Olivia figures out that they only way to get the bullet out of Edward Cooper is to have Conahan tried for murder. Conahan agrees to this. Rosen is in court to try and have this autopsy blocked as Cooper’s body is scheduled to be buried in 3 days. The judges decision doesn’t go in Rosens favor. Coopers body will be autopsied. Rosen thinks that Olivia set him up to fail Olivia is the one that convinced Rosen to try Conahan for murder. When the ballistic report comes back. It reveals that Conahan did indeed shoot former president Cooper. Olivia confronts Conahan about this, when Conahan goes full on madman. Conahan admits that he killed Cooper, however Conahan doesn’t want to look like a lunatic that can’t kill a president. Conahan wants to be remembered as the man that assassinated Cooper. Conahan tells Olivia that no one remembers the men who fail at assassinations. Conahan wants to get the death penalty and go out with a bang. He was to be remembered in history. Olivia tells Rosen everything. She also asks him to give Conahan life in prison, no capital punishment. She doesn’t want Conahan to win. Rosen feels good about his win over Olivia. Rosen is almost dancing in his chair because he finally beat Olivia.

Reindeer games

Eli goes back to the cell where Jake is being held. Joe Morton does what he does best in every scene that he is in. Eli has convinced Fitz to transfer Jake into his custody. Eli tells Jake that he is command. Eli reiterates that you don’t get command, command gets you. Eli refers to Jake as soldier all through this conversation.

Fitz goes back to the cell where Jake is being held. Fitz tells Jake that he will be transferred to supermax. This is where he will spend the rest of his life in jail. Jake is surprised to know that he is not going to be killed. Jake is shocked that Fitz will not be turning him over to Eli. Jake asks him why. Futz tells Jake to consider it a favor from the woman that they both love.

Olivia is seen once again swimming. She goes to the edge just as in before. She sees her dad standing over her. Eli talks to Olivia as if she is still a child. Eli tries to scold her his a father would a 4 year old child. Olivia tell her father that she has weapons at her disposal that he will never have, she then swims off.

The Locker

Quinn finally finds the locker she has been searching for (the entire episode) at the train station. She shows the folder to Huck. The folder contains multiple pictures of Olivia. Huck has been playing a video game this entire episode. Huck’s video game friend is found out to be his son. Huck has been playing the game in order to spend time with his son. The kid thinks that he is playing the video game with another kid.

The Breakdown

I am honestly sick of the love triangle between Jake, Olivia and Fitz. I know the actual banging part is over for Jake because he is never going to see the light of day but still. Fitz gave into Olivia because she tells him that there is still a chance that they will get back together. I have to hand it to Fitz. He must really love Olivia not to kill the man who murdered his son. I really felt Eli was going to get the better of Jake, just as he told him he would do at his dinner table. I can honestly say I forget if Jake ordered the killing Jr. This show spins in so many ways I am going to have to read my own recaps to remember. The winter finale of Scandal is in 2 weeks.